Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the future of E-Stim

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the future of E-Stim

Post by estimfun » Sun May 19, 2019 8:06 am

I really think Virtual Reality and Augmented reality are the future of E-stim. Some of the stuff that can be done with porn is Amazing. You can stimulate touch and sex with a 360 video with Estim. I recently watched that big movie Ready Player one and they had haptic feedback suits, there's a scene where one of the girls runs her hands across one of the other players body and you see a wave of light go down his suit along with his reaction to it. I think a lot of that tech could be made right now, at least the haptic suit. Messing with estim, we can stimulate a light touch to a smack, vibrations, pain, ect. But someone would have to figure out how spread different stim patterns to different parts of the suit be it just one tiny spot or many large spots.

I've built programs to control estim devices with inline to porn videos, but there's copyright issues that keep any of that from being shared as far as I know because of the videos owners. I think there's a demand and estim is far superior to vibrators. I see the future of VR Porn going to where you throw on a device and you're in the VR world and you feel the video with estim and or also some type of mechanical device. I think VR is still in its infancy because graphics are still pretty bad, AR pretty much isn't prevalent except for very expensive headsets that no owns. Until cost goes down and quality comes up it's still only early adopters. I wish there was some way I could get more into the development of this but I am just a part-time hobby programmer/electronics nerd with a kink for estim. :/ Care to discuss more about this?

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Re: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the future of E-Stim

Post by admin » Mon May 20, 2019 11:25 am

unfortunately until the price of VR comes down for both consumers and developers, and manages to eliminate common problems such as motion sickness VR is going to be a bit of a techie fad - and how many people still watch 3D TV? VR is good for headlines, but when it comes to practical use and play it is still very niche.

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Re: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the future of E-Stim

Post by thesickkness » Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:06 am

I wish there was a way to syncronize what your watching to your estim box but that would probably take some manuel programing. I watch sissy hypno so it would help with condition training

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