What got you into stimming?

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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by TheHenchmen »

For me, estim has always been some kink that fascinated me.

It began with early online porn, I saw a set of photos from a studio that would later be known as "Torture Galaxy". It was two blonde women playing around with estim in bondage.
Later, wiredpussy kicked off and I was all for that fetish, the mix of bdsm and electroplay fascinated me.

But I never knew how it would feel, until I later had a gf with chronic neck pain. she had a small TENS unit. One day, while she was away, I hooked it up. And then I was finally hooked.

I later bought my first TENS, later another one and a third because I was afraid of the big buck investment that a 2b would be.. I mean, when I started the "professional" kits were out of reach.
I then started playing with the woman who would later be my wife. While we enjoy many kinks and play on parties with violet wands and zappers, estim for relaxation and orgasm is reserved to me... there is something she doesn´t "get" right and I started to experiment more and more.

Stereostim fascinated me for ages, but my first attempts of building a kit failed. now, it works and I´m diving deep into this kink.

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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by PurpleAmethyst »

Curiosity! I used to be involved in BDSM awhile back and was with a dom who wanted to do electro play for pure torture, I felt too intimidated to try with him. My curiosity never went away so I tried on my own. TENS and pads at first, loved it and wanted more. Bought the Pebble and Flange, experienced the most delightful orgasmic delights! I still like my G-spot and clit suction vibrator but gotta say the Flange or Moaner is my favorite, I like the base which also provides labia stimulation.
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by Stimaddict »

PurpleAmethyst wrote: Sun Feb 28, 2021 9:20 pm Bought the Pebble and Flange, experienced the most delightful orgasmic delights! I still like my G-spot and clit suction vibrator but gotta say the Flange or Moaner is my favorite, I like the base which also provides labia stimulation.
Hi PA - for the female estim perspective it's worth checking out Joanne's excellent website:

beginners-guide-to-e-stim-or-electrosex-a-female-perspective - https://www.sexmachinereviews.co.uk/adv ... ctive.html
diy-pussy-clamp-electrode - https://www.sexmachinereviews.co.uk/est ... trode.html
diy-clitoral-estim-or-electrosex-bipolar-electrode - https://www.sexmachinereviews.co.uk/est ... -html.html
electrosex-and-estim-electrode-positions - https://www.sexmachinereviews.co.uk/adv ... tions.html
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by joannesReviews »

Thanks for the shout out @Stimaddict and it is good to see another vagina owner posting here, welcome @PurpleAmethyst, experimentation is always a good idea and mixing e-stim with vibrator play can be a fantastic way to enjoy yourself and also get off of course.
Just a woman in her 40's who likes sticking things in her pussy and telling the world all about it on my review site. I'm quite normal I think LOL. :?
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by jy55us »

I remember seeing small ads in magazines when I was younger. Read some really hot stories on Literotica, and watched a LOT of videos. I WANTED this.
I bought a TENS 2000 and got my newbie pin so to speak. I was able to have an HFO within 3 days. I do think it was partly because I was already MENTALLY conditioned by the porn and stories to know what to expect. Now literally years later I sold some stuff and had some money sitting n a drawer for months.
Finally realized since I have not NEEDED that cash, I could spend it on myself, since it was MY personal stuff I sold to get the money in the first place. So I ordered a 2B and will receive it this week. I cannot wait to experience those sensations. It IS why we do it after all.
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by Crazyrider »

I had a life changing event take place that made me think of alternate sexual activity so that I could be satisfied. I seen this Estim on a website the ABox so I bought it and then I found sound cloud had some audio for it tried it and I did enjoy them . Then I ran across HFO on YouTube and was like wtf is that. Then found band camp Estim , kinky kink.com. and tried there sound sucked from the inside out and boom pow oh my God it felt Soo good. Now I'm chasing the weekend to I can try the triphase with some sounds but I'm still curious on some placement issues. Trying to understand why sometimes HFO works and then it doesn't.
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by Healer »

I got into stimming because sex at home just wasn't happening. At best it felt one sided and I hated that. Three affairs were okay but I kept wanting to square it with the wife about my not being happy and that there has to be mutual lust, if you will. Still she hadn't come around leaving me with the choice of divorce or have another affair. If you've ever had an affair, you know how emotionally entangled you can get...and how it hurts all involved.

I realized that if I could just have an orgasm when I needed it I could concentrate on anything else especially my wife's needs. That's when I told her I needed periodic relief. When she asked me what I was going to do, I said I would like to try vibrators and would she mind. That was years ago. I went from vibrators to stereo.

I started stimming using the stereo system but quickly realized it was too dangerous to continue down that path.

Then I found the Rimba and bought one. It was ok...for awhile but lost its appeal when I couldn't keep the right program running in manual mode.

About, gee looking back, maybe 9 or 10 years ago, I bought the Sensavox `140 and started seeing what a very good machine would do. I played with that machine for a long long time. Then came the 2B and I have enjoyed it so much that I treat myself to a thrust and throb twice to three times a day , each day, mixed in with my ET-312 routines that completely fill my day even if I am at a low they are spirit improvers. Best thing too is the wife is happy with my stimming. We are a typical married couple; empty nesters, and I have no remorse using the stimming systems I have...nor will I ever. Thank all that is good for intelligent people who can imagine, design and build systems strictly for erotic pleasure. May they stay healthy and build their next wild endeavor for us erotic mortals. :D
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by mrbutt89 »

Thanks for such a detailed personal account, Healer. It's interesting to see what different routes people have followed into this activity, and how it's helped people in all sorts of ways.
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by Stimaddict »

@Healer - Thank you for being so brutally honest about your marriage. Basically it's all down to reproductive sexual hormones. On average the female reproductive clock naturally stops ticking 20-30 years before their male partners. That's just the way it is so you can't blame her for it. There is a lot more to a loving, long-term relationship than just sex. Question is why do we stay with our wives/partners if we are so unsatisfied? The answer is simple. It's because we love them. I try to see things from my wife's perspective and I would hate to be living with me! If you, or I, can find someone prepared to put up with us then we should consider ourselves very lucky indeed. Truly blessed.

In my case stimming is my own, *private* sexuality in which my wife plays no part, and neither would I want her to. We were just 20 when we tied the knot and used to bang like rabbits, but as you get older sex tends to move onto the back burner. I still deeply love and adore this beautiful woman as much as ever, but three kids and a lifetime later my needs are more regular than hers. So stimming is a better (and cheaper!) alternative to finding a mistress. She is completely understanding and fully supportive of my favourite hobby. After all, how could she be jealous of an electronic stimming box?

However, I DO NOT tell her that stimming fulfills my wildest erotic fantasies and takes me to another dimension of sexual heaven I never believed possible. ;)
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by Specksstim »

Around 15 years ago I was signed off work with depression and, with time on my hands, 'discovered' the highly dangerous hi-fi stimming PDF - thankfully, I moved beyond that to an A Box, a home made box, and finally the holy grail: the 2B! The website smartstim.com was a lot more active back then and was a great help.

I can honestly say e-stim has increased my sexual universe, made me a bit less straight along the way too, but I'm OK with it.

I've been together with my wife for 22 years; we have different level sex drives but a lot of love for each other. For me too, stimming is a private matter. Not much chance lately, but I know I'll drift back to it. I usually do ;)
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