What got you into stimming?

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Re: What got you into stimming?

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For me, estim has always been some kink that fascinated me.

It began with early online porn, I saw a set of photos from a studio that would later be known as "Torture Galaxy". It was two blonde women playing around with estim in bondage.
Later, wiredpussy kicked off and I was all for that fetish, the mix of bdsm and electroplay fascinated me.

But I never knew how it would feel, until I later had a gf with chronic neck pain. she had a small TENS unit. One day, while she was away, I hooked it up. And then I was finally hooked.

I later bought my first TENS, later another one and a third because I was afraid of the big buck investment that a 2b would be.. I mean, when I started the "professional" kits were out of reach.
I then started playing with the woman who would later be my wife. While we enjoy many kinks and play on parties with violet wands and zappers, estim for relaxation and orgasm is reserved to me... there is something she doesn´t "get" right and I started to experiment more and more.

Stereostim fascinated me for ages, but my first attempts of building a kit failed. now, it works and I´m diving deep into this kink.

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