What got you into stimming?

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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by NaturalDeam »

I got into stimming by stumbling on it looking for HFO videos. Shortly after seeing a few estim videos I bought a tens box, then another and after a few years and a divorce I decided to give a 2B a try. The 2B made all the difference when it comes to achieving HFOs.

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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by rakedmast »

Discovered estim while looking for remedy/alternatives to a continuing ED condition at a web site for men with paralysis and noted the name of an outfitter of Estim equipment. During first try using various trodes and an ancient TENS 2000 was able to get a mini hip thrusting orgasm. Never did get an HFO and have pursued prostate orgasm with steadily progressing results. No super O yet but the the process is a pleasure. Got a 2B, Moaner, various metal sounds and three aneros type products. But the 2B, anal trodes and sounds have proven to be best option for me. Am convinced the meds I am on have exacerbated the ED and have my new physician working on this. Have vented on this topic previously so have patience. 70 million men just in the northern western hemisphere suffer from ED to varying degrees. The medical community have solved for open heart surgery on beating hearts but ED? nope. It must be revenue related. Open heart surgery costs $30-200,000 but while ED gets lots of medical people researching where's the revenue? Show them the money!
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by Daffy »

I was introduced to stimming by a dominatrix mistress that I visited several years ago. It was quite an exciting surprise - along with several other things. I don't visit mistresses frequently, but I used to travel to a conference once a year and made a habit of finding a local mistress to visit, just to add a little extra spice to the trip. After that first experience I was hooked and always requested electro each time I booked a session. Due to the pandemic I haven't had a session for over two years now, so I recently decided to invest in my own equipment. I have found that self-applied stim is a different game to being at the mercy of someone else, though.
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by ncstimmer »

I came across lots of videos of stimming and I knew I had to experience it. Took a while for me to take the plunge and buy a box but I finally purchased a 2B and love it. The idea of having the ability to lie back and let something drive my desire and urges to the edge and back over and over until I couldn't stop so appealed to me. Something about seeing cocks twitch involuntarily and dance and jump and erupt just called me. Glad to now be among the estim ranks.
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by dsbdsb »

everyone has a story to tell. I came across e-stim with my interest on BDSM. Saw a video where guy was forced to cum using a e-stim and ever since been very curious about.
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by jy55us »

Years ago I remember seeing an ad in a Leg Show magazine, showing a man with a large erection, and attached to his hard on were 2 sticky pads wired up to what was probably a TENS unit. Fast forward about 10 years and I saw a porn mag featuring men doing kinky masturbation, machines etc and then some estim. What cliched it was read in a very descriptive stories in Literotica. About a year after that I bought a TENS 2000 unit at a drug supply store, and ordered some loops. I was so inspired and blown away that I wrote several very detailed stories there as well about my stimming. This year I finally bought a 2B. The desire to experience sound files motivated me to finally purchase and I LOVE it.
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by zebbg69 »

I fell down the KINK.com rabbit hole in the early days of "Fucking Machines." They only had a few channels, and one of them was "Wired Pussy." I am an electrical engineer with a dirty mind, so it was only a matter of time.
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by Majorityon »

Being interested in electronics since I was a boy I experimented with a few home made things without success. Then on a visit to a pro-domme she attached electrodes to my nipples and it was instant addiction. Later I got my own TENS unit and also applied to cock & balls, then another, and another... Finally a couple of "made for sex" boxes.
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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by merry »

Pretty typical route into e-stim for me via a TPN 200+ TENS prescribed me by the pain clinic I attended for chronic, and I do mean chronic! back pain.....Ouchie!

Chance placements and wondering if it could relive back related pelvic pain lead to the inevitable hooking it up to my joy department followed by my very first handsfree orgasm, needless to say I was hooked and pretty quickly moved onto made for play gear. That was circa 2008 and I've never really regretted my foray into the world of e-stim pleasure however I wish I'd come across it when I was younger but with no internet and stimming being strictly niche I just wasn't aware of it's existence.

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Re: What got you into stimming?

Post by solo48 »

I bought an ET-312 15 years ago and couldn’t get near the edge no matter what I did… so I sold it and that was the end of my estim experience until two months ago when a buddy told me he’d bought an Intensity 5000 tens unit and was having a great HFO every time. He showed me and I immediately bought one and then met with him for a one-on-one training that took me over the edge that first time and every time thereafter. I wanted more so recently ordered a 2B. Tried it for the first time today and found my legs trembling and me moaning and begging out loud to please let me cum. Oh the 2B is superb!!
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