Tried something new

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Tried something new

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I have been sounding for about 2 years now. Can accept up to 10mm now. Tried e stim last year and I like it. No HFO yet and have tried different locations to see what feels best. But last week I tried something new. I put my stainless steel hollow rod in my penis. It is 5 inches long with 9mm orbs about 3/4 of an inch apart. 5 of them. Put a pad on my perineum and used a clip to secure it to the sound. Turned on the tens unit and Wow. Such a difference from two pads! If the sound is all the way in, the scrotum gets all the electricity which is a unique feeling. If I pull it out about two orbs the penis is getting massaged like crazy. Pull it out to where only two orbs inside and just the tip is concentrated on. The knead setting feels like getting stroked. Felt wonderful. Waiting until tomorrow to try other settings to give myself a break. Am learning a lot from this forum. Thanks! Will try to learn how to post pics today.

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Re: Tried something new

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Love to sound my cock while I estim it's a fantastic feeling
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