Warm up to sharpen the feelings before sex

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Warm up to sharpen the feelings before sex

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I love my E2B for private stimming sessions. I purchased some of Joanne’s electrodes from Gary at happystim-usa:
  • Cock loop and insulator
  • Penis play cock loop
  • Adjustable penis play cock loop

I love these toys, they feel amazing, and the yellow colour of the insulators is so sexy. I love the way my cock looks with the accents (I have an olive skin tone), ascetically pleasing. They are priced so well, too, for what they give you.

But the real point of this post is to point out a great use for these toys as a warmup for sex with my partner. Does anybody else enjoy warming up with e-stim sessions prior to sex?

For me I love Joanne’s insulated cock loop along with the penis play cock loop. The frenulum stimulation of penis play cock loop sharpens my nerves, and my prostate loves a slow warm up from the insulated loop. I love the built in A/B Split mode for this, and also Throb. If I warm up with the stock settings on these two routines for 25 minutes, I get rock hard and sensitive in all the right places. I also feel like the blood flow has helped my pelvic floor and I swear my cock seems healthier with this type of warm up. Makes me wonder if 25 minutes a day is good as health measure.

Does anybody else use the 2B in this way, and what are your favorite warm up routines, electrodes/placements, and warm up periods prior to sex? 25 minutes is the magic number for me. Just enough to rev me up and get me ready. Leaves me wanting more, and hungry for some athletic fucking.

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