Prostate plug

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Re: Prostate plug

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I've gone thru two of these as they don't last long with the T junction breaking/shorting and are too expensive to keep replacing.

I've been using this more reasonable one off eBay: iSTIM Probe Kegel Exercise Pelvic Floor Electrical Muscle Stimulation PR-13

Will typically just use the top trode wire only, but can switch to bottom only wire for different vibes... can also use both but sensations aren't as good for me.

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Re: Prostate plug

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I ended up buying the large E-Bead 2.0, unfortunately its to large for me, something I wasn't considering. I can't comfortably use it. Build quality seems nice. I prefer internal type plugs, sadly don't seem myself using this one since I can't fully insert it. The Medium egg , still is my preferred prostate/internal toy, with a stopper of sorts to keep from moving up.
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