Estim electrode WIRING BASICS

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Estim electrode WIRING BASICS

Post by Stimaddict » Mon Jul 13, 2020 11:15 am

Wiring up estim electrodes can be confusing for newbies so here is some simple info.
Let's start with the wiring basics...

  • Most 'made-for-play' stim boxes have two 'Channels' - usually designated 'A' and 'B'
  • On each single channel you would connect TWO electrodes - e.g. two TENS pads
Apply these electrodes spaced apart to your skin and your own body completes the electrical circuit. As current passes through your body between two electrodes it will take the most direct route, stimulating any nerves it encounters along the way.

So normally with a 2-channel stim box you would connect four electrodes (i.e. four wires), TWO wires per channel, making two separate circuits through your body.
You can connect ANY electrodes to these wires - such as a pad, a Conductive Rubber loop, a metal cock ring or a butt plug - but they must be connected in pairs.
trode wiring.jpg
You DO NOT have to use both channels. You can choose to use just one channel (usually channel A) with 2 electrodes.

The *only* way you might risk damaging your box is by connecting TWO wires FROM THE SAME CHANNEL to the SAME electrode. This is an absolute no-no.

BUT the exception is a Bi-Polar electrode. This is essentially two electrodes in one.

Take butt plugs for example...
A monopolar butt plug always takes one wire, and needs another electrode to make up the circuit.
However a bipolar butt plug takes two wires, because it is TWO electrodes in a single unit separated by a built-in piece of insulation.


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Please feel free to ask any questions.
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