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Re: down?

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The problem with copyright is the way its administered. You sample something (as your example), or post a track created by someone else, the copyright holder hits our hosters with a takedown request, and the whole site get pulled. You then have to fight to bring it back up again and that takes time and for a commercial company like us money.

We have no issues with people posting files they have created.

We seldom have to moderate conversations on here, most of our moderation is around spamming. We are quite happy for people to have discussions, even about other products as long as people keep the conversation at a professional level, and we avoid the usual politics, religion etc, there are plenty of other locations for such discussions.


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Re: down?

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elentech wrote: Mon Apr 26, 2021 3:49 am Only critiques I could make is that there was a bit of dogma in what they allowed to be posted, and they were really strict on file copyright
Strict to the point of obsession. Links to YouTube videos were banned, for example. You could only suggest what to put in a YouTube search.
And I remember one guy had his own stimming images deleted because there was a TV in the background running a CBS feature on Donald Trump! :lol:

The worst thing to me was that certain individuals were 'cancelled', no mention of them even allowed. Climberr was a fantastic guy provided you stayed on his good side, but woe betide anyone who transgressed his rule. Silly internal politics should play no part in estim IMHO because nobody owns it.
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Re: down?

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This is very sad to hear. I wasn't on smartstim long enough to know Climberr as I used to get on there from time to time. I knew who x61525 was as I read many of his posts on's forum. He gave such great advice on penis plug cleaning methods. If it weren't for some of x's posts, I would never have gotten up to a 12 mm plug!

I liked the forum and reading of other people's experiences. I seem to have started doing estim kind of late in life since I'll be 62 this year, but I absolutely love my 2B. When I have trouble falling to sleep, the 2B really helps me to relax and unwind!
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Re: down?

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Im shocked.

I had contact with Climberr from time to time and talked about various things. I know about his health and his struggle and we talked about it a lot. The last year I havent been in contact with him or Smartstim for that matters. Situation with the Covid-19 have been taking up my time and prioritaion has been on daily life and family.

I also didnt know about Ed, I had a lot of contact with him in the past as well.

Sorry to read and see they are gone :(

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Re: down?

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So sad to hear. It was such a great resource for me back in the day. It's what convinced me to get a 2B. Any word on the data recovery?
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Re: down?

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A loss, though I have to say I largely gave up posting, because of the extreme views of what could be allowed.

Many people have asked over the years if I could do a version of my apps to control the ET-312, for example. Climberr has always maintained he is the only person allowed to write software using the Erostek protocol, and removed any links to a reverse engineered description.

He event went as far as deleting a post of mine where I said for legal reasons it wasn't possible to support the ET-312, in case it started a discussion about what those reasons were. Absolutely infuriating; as was the standard answer to anyone wanting to use a mac, or a table - "Run smartstim, use an emulator if you have to"
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Re: down?

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Joined up since there is a post for us former members - and I did buy an electrode from e-stimsystems (small torpedo) long ago that I'm still using and enjoying.

Like others I was crushed when I learned about the passing of Ed (x) last fall and then Climberr followed by the website going off line. While I wasn't a large poster I did contribute to the hosting costs of what was a large website both in posts and audio and video files going back a long way. Did have a number of private chats with both Climberr and 'x' over the years and enjoyed checking in on a regular basis finding a group of like minded folks who shared our enjoyment of estim.

Hopefully the site can be resurrected since there was a huge amount of guidance, stim files and documents spanning decades that helped a lot of us over the years.
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