2 Boxes at once: 2B Bounce and BT312 Wave

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2 Boxes at once: 2B Bounce and BT312 Wave

Post by Deltus1 »

Lately, my favourite programmes besides sound files have been Bounce from the 2B and Wave from the BT312.

Last Time I had the Idea to kombine them using an Tri-Phase-Setup

common = glans
A (from 2B) = Perineum (sticky pad 7,2 x 4,6 cm)
B (from ET312) = lower sacrum (sticky pad 9 x 5 cm)

Playing arround with Intensity and Feel on the two devices led to interesting overlaps of the impulses.

I don't know if others have tried to use two powerboxes at the same time. An exchange of experiences would be interesting.


Greetings Deltus

DeepL helps me with the translation.
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Re: 2 Boxes at once: 2B Bounce and BT312 Wave

Post by Healer »

Hello Deltus,

Likewise, I too have a 2B and a 312B. ;) I edge each day and cum maybe once or twice a week. I thoroughly enjoy edging though and focus my play on edging.
So, I am using a routine I learned from the SMARTSTIM site, specifically this is "climbers, (X61525) routine on the 312B. I use THRUST from the 2B.
Here is the 312B routine:
Use Channel A with your uni-polar leads.
Setup 312 :
Width = 70
Frequency = 107 or below
Depth = 100 That's the important one for this purpose.
Use PHASE 2 for the stim source I use this routinely so I've set it up using "ADVANCED ADJUSTMENTS" to establish it as a saved setting. Each time I turn on the 312 I press the down button and I am in business. The B side of PHASE 2 is inconsequential. It's active, of course, but not like the A side.

Now, warm up Mr. Midnight for a few minutes by stroking or what ever to get an arousal. I use the 2B with THRUSH, reaching, ever so slowly, 28 and then let that go through several cycles. I do that with my tri-phase adapter electrode. I use this electrode as both bi-polar and uni-polar using a simple jumper to create a uni-polar electrode on my shaft.

Next, place your favorite frenulum /corona ring on then install a ring on your shaft just about a half to one inch behind the selcus. You want the shaft ring as close as possible to the head to get the best effect and results.
Now, turn on your 312B. Set your MA knob to about 2 o'clock. Turn your A channel volume up til you feel the pulse. Something comfortable, but not too demanding...at least not yet. At this point you are checking to be sure something is happening. But, turn the MA knob back up beyond 3 o' clock "because that's where the fun is" per climber (and he was right to say so)

You may not feel the pattern at all. For me I bring up the volume sequentially to set on 48 for awhile. That's when my cock begins to pay attention. When the MA knob is turned up fully (either 3:30 or 4:30, to the right) its as though my cock nerves are chasing after the signal. It's a pattern that prevents my nerve endings from getting too used to the signal. After about 5 to 10 minutes (depending on my mood and private room) my cum starts dripping and I feel the glow one gets as advanced warning that sperm is on the way. I drip, a few minutes later, I pulse even more, then a subtle signal makes me CUM totally. What a wonderful experience this is. It is so subtle yet stealthy it will make your eyes-cross depending on the power level you use. I had mine at 68 when I shook far more than I ever had when I was younger getting laid.

To have success with this routine:(set aside a minimum of one hour without disturbance. Have a comfortable place to sit and relax. MAKE SURE TO USE THE 2B FOR A WARMUP. After you use this routine you will, no doubt, develop your own warm-up routine. Don't be upset if you don't cum on the first or even third or fourth try. Once you do cum you will have learned what works best for you and, from then on, enjoy.

When you get a chance, drop a line back to me here and let me know how it went. Others may want to use this routine also.
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