Can an estim unit work for TENS therapy too?

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Can an estim unit work for TENS therapy too?

Post by staplenz » Fri Nov 01, 2013 10:22 pm

Hi all!
I'm a noob here, in fact I'm a noob about e-stim in general, but the thought of it turns me on, so imma run with it! first, some full disclosure: I'm on a really tight budget right now & I'm (probably very foolishly) trying to do this on the cheap....

The situation is: My partner has old back injuries and resulting chronic pain - we've been looking at getting a TENS machine for theraputic use for him, but I also want to experiment with electro... SO, here's the question: Can a TENS machine be used effectively for e-stim play (More at the stimulation/pleasure end of the scale than the 'ouch, SIR!' end ;) ), or alternatively, can an e-stim unit be used for TENS therapy?

Or am I better to save up for longer and buy one of each? money's tight, so the TENS unit will have to come first & I'll probably cry! LOL

Any advice would really be appreciated!

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Re: Can an estim unit work for TENS therapy too?

Post by admin » Sun Nov 03, 2013 4:43 pm

The official line is not its not something we as a company recommend, however since E-Stim in general is based on a similar technology, and I am personally aware of people using it for pain relief, the answer is it depends on your feeling and reaction.

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