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Email Access to the Forum

Post by admin » Sat May 13, 2017 6:03 pm

We have upgraded our email servers and are now using a fully registered correctly configured mail server with the most up to date anti spam SPF and DKIM settings possible.

Our email servers now pass all the tests we can throw at it, but still a smaller number of free email providers block our emails. Microsoft products such as, (and being the most notorious.
Its not just us, a number of email senders both small and large have these problems.
If you do not see an email from the forum (normally forum at estim dot systems),withing 30 minutes or so of registering, firstly check your spam folder, then check your spam settings and then complain to your email providers, and not us as there is nothing we can do about it. This is a consequence of using free email services from the likes of hotmail and yahoo - they decide what you are going to see, not you.

As an alternative try using another email account from another provider, I'm sure you have several, most of us do.


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