advice for pre-orgasmic contractions?

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advice for pre-orgasmic contractions?

Post by Divebuddy » Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:43 am

Sometimes if I masturbate with a magic wand-like vib or more rarely with hand I can keep my arousal at about 8(9 point of no return and 10 the orgasm). Masturbation with the vib seems to trigger the unvoluntary contractions of the muscles in the penis-base alot earlier than my hand. The contractions seem to be related to the speed of the magic wand somehow, but only partly. It looks like that there is some sort of resonance-frequency similar to a feedbackloop between the intensity of the vib and the period of the contractions... if I turn the vib higher the contractions seem to come in shorter periods, starting from about every 4-5 secs until it gets near the orgasm at about 1-2sec periods.

This pre-orgasm phase is very pleasureable, it's the closest thing (after actually cumming again after about 45seconds while keeping jerking against the pain...) to multiple orgasms for males I have yet experienced.

Now comes the big question: anyone around who has experienced similar stuff with estim? I'm thinking about buying a ElectroPebble (has many programs and settings for it's reasonable price?) and would like to know if there is a special device that would help keeping me on that pre-orgasmic phase for minutes? What about audio-files? Is there good but cheaper device that got a cable-connection (nothing with a mic, don't want to get shocked if the phone rings or something like that, heh) for the adio-input?

Years ago I had tried two different devices, one cheap thing for health-issues and one (sadly still cheap) estim device. Oddly I had to use (even with the estim one) a cockring to stay somewhat hard enough for the electrodes do stay on. The sensation was somewhat pleasurable, though everytime I came close to the point of no return it felt like that if the orgasm would hit, the jolt would be very painful. So I'm somewhat in fear I would turn the control a little bit too much into painful regions.

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Re: advice for pre-orgasmic contractions?

Post by Rhamiel » Tue Feb 27, 2018 4:52 pm

You write 'special device that would help keeping me on that pre-orgasmic phase for minutes', but it's not the device that controls your response so much as your response itself.

Sure: adapt the machine to what you want, but focus your mind to respond as you wish. ;)

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Re: advice for pre-orgasmic contractions?

Post by emancibator » Sun Apr 01, 2018 3:08 pm

I have a 2b, and can sometimes experience the contractions you're talking about. What I find is that the best way to experience them is to stim for awhile at a high level (one that's high enough that it would definitely make me cum if I left it on), and right as I reach the high level of 8/9 you're talking about, quickly reduce the level of the stimulation to almost off. Most of the time I'll start having involuntary contractions, but no orgasm. As the contractions subside, I'll bring the stimulation level back up, and repeat the whole process

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