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Post by hhvfd1 » Mon Dec 24, 2018 1:55 am

Hello all. ive been reading everything I see about the 2b. I have the pebble box. it is a lot of fun but the modes become boring to me so im thinking about getting the 2b. I guess what I mean about boring is I haven't achieved a hfo with it. im probably trying to hard and turning it up to high and its just keeping me hurting . im trying to learn about audio and wave files. im new on here so I just wanted to say hello to everyone. thanks

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Post by estimfun » Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:39 am

When I first got into estim I couldn't figure out how to have HFO, it took me the longest time to figure it out. Now almost every time I use estim I have a hfo.

Here's advice for newbies:
1. Take a hot shower before your stim sension. This is the difference between, ouch this electrode stings, to feels good. I've noticed if I don't take a shower sometimes the electrodes sting and don't conduct well. I take a hot shower, something about the moisture and getting my skin wet makes the electrodes not sting and conduct better. This is 100% a requirement for me before every stim session.

2. I mainly only use silicone conductive loops as my stim electrode of choice and I don't use a lube or conductive lubricant. I get them cheap from the internet. I took one of them cut it in half, super glued the loop into a ring that was a tight fit under the head of my *****, then took the extra loop and folded it over the top and glued it to the other side to kind of make a conductive silicone cage. WAIT FOR THE GLUE TO DRY before you do a test fit. Then I use a normal full size loop and loop it around the base near the body a few times. This give me a HFO everytime with the right settings. Sometimes, I use an electro butt plug, but more recently I don't. But an estim butt plug can feel really good, but it makes it harder to HFO for me, I normally use a plain silicone one that press into my prostate.

3. Crank up the power. I go to 100% pretty quickly. Granted I have my powerbox controlled by the computer so I don't turn the nob's. When you're new you're afraid to turn up the power. On the 2b my favorite modes were throb and continuous, on ET312B its Orgasm or Intense, or a similar mode that's pulsing slowly with a continuous/intense mode that runs for 30 seconds a pulse. I have my computer ramp the power up to 100% at 1-5 seconds per level. The key for me is have the computer control the power level as I get scared to keep going up, it does it regardless. I usually leave this going for about 2-3 minutes on 100%, I start to go a little bit numb, I ramp it back down to 0. I'll have it sit for about a minute and then back up to 100%.
This is intense, i normally have to grab something to brace myself.

4. I have to be in the right mindset/mood. I have to be turned on. Porn helps. Try stimming while watching a porn you like, you should get a HFO while watching the porn. Think about what turns you on, its all in your mind.

5. This is what a HFO will feel like, its the most amazing and intense feeling. You'll have that turned on feel all while you're stimming, you know the feeling, you'll feel like you get closer to O'ing and the ESTIM will push you over the edge. You'll feel the build up that you're about to O, it will get really intense, and then you'll feel the O hit, then you'll feel the cum try to shoot out and stim will feel amazing and intense, and you feel it try to shoot out for a few seconds and the stim will keep feeling extremely intense and amazing. Sometimes you'll shoot out twice because it feels so good. After that its like after fapping and you have that grace period, you're no longer really turned on and you'll reach to turn off the estim.

6. When I HFO its more intense than a regular masterbation session, much more intense. My whole body locks up and spasms and I have to grab something to brace it. I usually have to close my eyes and grit my teeth. If I have a butt plug that puts pressure on the prostate, its much stronger and if I hold off for a few days, sometimes it feels like a mini explosion is going off in my prostate at the same time as the HFO thats going off in my *****, and its one of the most intense things I've ever experienced.

So to recap:
1. Take a shower before the session
2. I use Silicone/conductive loops
3. I go from 0-100 pretty quickly continuous pulse mode, computer controlling the ramp up.
4. Be turned on and in the right mind set.
5. You'll feel the build up and the estim will push you over the edge, I use porn to help.
6. It's the most intense feeling I've ever experienced.

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Re: New member

Post by Stimaddict » Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:52 am

hhvfd1 wrote:
Mon Dec 24, 2018 1:55 am
I have the pebble box. it is a lot of fun but the modes become boring to me so im thinking about getting the 2b. I guess what I mean about boring is I haven't achieved a hfo with it.
Like many of us I started with a TENS then moved on to various intermediate erotic stim boxes. Although they showed me the potential of estim nothing was getting me there. I do not orgasm easily. In fact it takes a helluva lot to get me off, which is what drew me to stimming in the first place.

Then I got the 2B and Hallelujah! My first HFO, and what a beautiful moment that was! Now I'm living in sexual nirvana with a 100% HFO "hit rate" :D

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Re: New member

Post by hhvfd1 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 12:51 pm

I would like to thank stimaddict and estimfun for commenting on my post. I have ordered my 2b and waiting for its arrival so I have joined the 2b stimmers lol. Estimfun,,,,im trying to get a mental picture of how you made your toy.

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