Tri Phase cable

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Re: Tri Phase cable

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i try it tonight ^^

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Re: Tri Phase cable

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One further thought on this...
If you use 2mm tens connectors for your electrodes, you may well find they are "stackable", meaning that you can join two cables simply by plugging one 2mm connector into the back of another 2mm connector. That makes it very easy to create the equivalent of a triphase cable, but with all the possible combinations available.

2mm pins are most commonly used for connection to TENS pads, but also some commercial electrodes, or you may find a 2mm>4mm adaptor for use with other electrodes. I generally dislike the 2mm pins because they're too fragile and easily bent/broken, but perhaps I'm just clumsy!
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Re: Tri Phase cable

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Stimaddict wrote: Sat Jul 04, 2020 10:21 am

TriPhase, or a 3-Electrode Setup, is simply just this:

As a rule of thumb the "Common" electrode should be where you want the most stimulation. For me that's usually the glans, but if you like ball stimming better then position the common trode there. The common can be ANY electrode - a pad, a Conductive Rubber loop, a metal cock ring or a butt plug.

Great explanation! Thank you! :)
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Re: Tri Phase cable

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Thanks for the diagram. I will make up a set as I have access to all the parts.
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