Quick cum :)

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Re: Quick cum :)

Post by xxxpetrx » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:15 pm

merry wrote: ↑
Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:38 am
yes & thanks!.
How long you tried stim? Iam almost done in one minute:)

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Re: Quick cum :)

Post by merry » Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:48 am

I'm a long time e-stimmer (over 10 years) but due to the slowly increasing cocktail of pain medications I take for my wrecked back and several courses of cortisone injections in my dodgy shoulders (which I found can lower testosterone) I'd been having major trouble with my e-stimming activities over most of 2017/early 2018 and thinking it was all over rashly! sold all my stim gear.

Now however medications 'edited' and my T levels slowly! returning to normal I wanted to get back into e-stim so i bought myself a new 2B along with a few basic electrodes and happily I seem to be making an, albeit limited, recovery.

So! I got 'Step' to work but I couldn't finish with it, probably because time was pressing and I was a bit 'rushed?' but I'll be giving it another try when I get the opportunity for some more 'me time'.

Best HFO method is with the 2B (running firmware 2.106) for me so far is an 'overlapping' configuration on high power setting using the power supply with the 2B on the 'B split' mode.

Channel B to a small flanged bipolar with just the centre (inner contact) active (anal) and a thick conductive rubber ring around glans.

Channel A to thick conductive rubber ring around shaft and balls along with smaller thick conductive rubber ring placed mid shaft.

I used plenty of 'Spectra Gel 360' conductive gel on the rubber rings and some 'slippy' 'ID Glide' on the small flanged.

The thick conductive rubber rings I got off e-bay - They have a brass?? centre 'bar ' with a screw out 'snap connector' - I unscrewed the 'snap connector' so I could insulate the brass bar by sliding on a bit of clear silicone tubing into which I made a little hole to screw the 'snap connector' back in as I found the bare metal on it's own gave uncomfortable 'hot spots'.......Ouchie!.

Hot spots aside the larger surface area of these rings helped tame the 2B's spiky side giving a much smoother feeling.

Power levels were:

Channel B around 75 and channel A around 45-50 - Oh! and the 'Adjust' knob 65 for channel B and 45 for channel A.

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