Quick cum :)

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Re: Quick cum :)

Post by xxxpetrx » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:15 pm

merry wrote: ↑
Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:38 am
yes & thanks!.
How long you tried stim? Iam almost done in one minute:)

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Re: Quick cum :)

Post by merry » Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:48 am

I'm a long time e-stimmer (over 10 years) but due to the slowly increasing cocktail of pain medications I take for my wrecked back and several courses of cortisone injections in my dodgy shoulders (which I found can lower testosterone) I'd been having major trouble with my e-stimming activities over most of 2017/early 2018 and thinking it was all over rashly! sold all my stim gear.

Now however medications 'edited' and my T levels slowly! returning to normal I wanted to get back into e-stim so i bought myself a new 2B along with a few basic electrodes and happily I seem to be making an, albeit limited, recovery.

So! I got 'Step' to work but I couldn't finish with it, probably because time was pressing and I was a bit 'rushed?' but I'll be giving it another try when I get the opportunity for some more 'me time'.

Best HFO method is with the 2B (running firmware 2.106) for me so far is an 'overlapping' configuration on high power setting using the power supply with the 2B on the 'B split' mode.

Channel B to a small flanged bipolar with just the centre (inner contact) active (anal) and a thick conductive rubber ring around glans.

Channel A to thick conductive rubber ring around shaft and balls along with smaller thick conductive rubber ring placed mid shaft.

I used plenty of 'Spectra Gel 360' conductive gel on the rubber rings and some 'slippy' 'ID Glide' on the small flanged.

The thick conductive rubber rings I got off e-bay - They have a brass?? centre 'bar ' with a screw out 'snap connector' - I unscrewed the 'snap connector' so I could insulate the brass bar by sliding on a bit of clear silicone tubing into which I made a little hole to screw the 'snap connector' back in as I found the bare metal on it's own gave uncomfortable 'hot spots'.......Ouchie!.

Hot spots aside the larger surface area of these rings helped tame the 2B's spiky side giving a much smoother feeling.

Power levels were:

Channel B around 75 and channel A around 45-50 - Oh! and the 'Adjust' knob 65 for channel B and 45 for channel A.

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Re: Quick cum :)

Post by merry » Mon Mar 19, 2018 4:40 pm


After enjoying a little more me time I've found a better method for a surefire quick HFO this time adopting a triphased configuration featuring a modified glans ring - Sadly I don't yet have a triphase lead yet but with the creative use of some crocodile clips I was able to achieve the correct configuration.

After reading my 'Phaser' software's documentation regarding the construction and placement of electrodes I made myself a modified conductive rubber glans/corona ring with just the recommended top third of the ring conductive.

This was achieved using a piece of 6mm conductive rubber tubing (with 2mm pin holes) approx an inch and a half long. To make a connection point I salvaged a TENS 'lead' with a 2mm socket by carefully picking it out of an old TENS pad. I gently poked around two thirds of the exposed carbon? threads sticking out of the end of the short piece of wire into one side of the 6mm conductive rubber tubing's 2mm hole using a cocktail stick leaving just enough of the carbon threads exposed so that I could easily bend it back over the end of the piece of 6mm conductive tubing.

Then I cut a piece of 6-8mm clear silicone tubing to the correct length for a glans ring (allowing for the 6mm conductive part I'd just made) and gently pushed the end of the 6mm conductive tube with the TENS connector's carbon threads folded back over it into the open end of one side of the clear silicone tube and the other side of the 6mm conductive tube into the other side of the clear silicone tube thus making a complete 'ring' with only the top third conductive and a handy 2mm TENS style connection point.

The finished ring was light and comfortable, the makeshift connection point worked well and because the 6mm conductive tube fitted quite tightly inside the clear silicone tubing neither end popped out in use when I grew 'turgid'.

So! - Channel A was connected to the modified glans ring and channel B to a small flanged bipolar (anal) with just the centre (inner) connection active. The common (comprising both leads black pins) was connected to a thick conductive rubber ring around balls and lower shaft via one large and one (much smaller) croc clip onto which I'd grafted another female TENS lead 'socket' from another old TENS pad to connect it to my 2B's 2mm pin leads. The thick ring (I wrote about in the previous post) was one from the set of four I got off e-bay with the hotspot producing brass centre bar/snap, now safely insulated with a bit of the clear silicone tubing eliminating the offending hotspot.

Using the B-Split mode again with pretty much the same power levels/mode adjust setting gave a sensational! ride with a very! happy ending.

One thing I've noticed with the A/B split modes on my new 2B is that (depending on power levels?) the continuous half sometimes isn't really continuous. Using straight left/right or triphased configurations it 'ramps' up in intensity, 'peaks', drops back down and ramps up again in a kind of cycle as if the 'pulsing' half of the mode is somehow 'modulating' the continuous half??.

Whatever I was pleased with the result.

Have fun,

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Re: Quick cum :)

Post by emancibator » Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:56 pm

high power
continuous, 25%
feeling 30
with two loops, one by the head, one at the base of the shaft

always does it for me, usually a minute or less ;)

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Re: Quick cum :)

Post by mrbutt89 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:42 pm

Great settings, emancibator.
After the HFO I took it back down to 17% for a couple of minutes for a nice post-orgasmic caress, after which I was ready to go again. Quite something for me!

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Re: Quick cum :)

Post by Toxin » Sat Sep 08, 2018 10:17 pm

Maybe this is a dumb question but why would you want to cum so fast? I like to prolong my trip to orgasm. Im going to share something embarrassing with you but making yourself have fast orgasms can lead to problems in bed with your partner. Now im not saying this will effect everyone because it wont but here is my story. When i was younger i use to masturbate quickly to get it over with so no one would walk in or catch me. i had 2 brothers and 3 sisters in the house as well as my parents. Well when i started having regular intercourse with women i found i had a problem with PE. Once i left home i sought the help of a professional. Turns out all those quick rushed sessions had actually programmed me to cum fast. With practice and training i was able to correct the problem so at least for me i cant understand why you would want to rush to reach orgasm.

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