Project Faraday pt1

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Re: Project Faraday pt1

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Project Faraday was the result of algorithmic generation of audio tracks for DIY stereostim boxes rather than boxes that processes audio like a 2B. A large number of tracks were generated. Then a group of testers using stereostim boxes picked out the "best feeling" candidates that got turned into the tease.

As Si points out not all audio tracks work with a 2B due to the design.

I'm staying out of the processing audio discussion.

To paraphrase Frank'n'furter from Rocky Horror "It was not made for You 2B's!"

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Re: Project Faraday pt1

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VirusHD wrote: ↑Thu Jan 07, 2021 8:35 am Thanks to the Developer :) this is a rly good Webteas. I have fun with it over 5 times and i only make it to the end for two times XD. My fav Dom is the Girl that doesn't care about the stiming and play random Buttons. But i also love the painfull Girls because you know: yet you will feel pain :) but only fore a short time.
The Puls and Waves a rly delicious and varied. It isnt hard to get a HFO before you reache the end.
I also find the idea with the dice not bad, quite the opposite. The only thing I would complain about would be that the whole process of switching between the women and the dice takes too long.

I have a general question, is it possible to include video clips? GIFs should work, I've seen.

Finally, I just want to apologize for my bad English :)
Do you play this with a 2B.

If you use a 2B, please tell us more about your Firmware an settings. - Because i can't feel something when the painful Gils are playing - nothing, no short painful section :-(
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