First Time with 2B

The most versatile and user friendly E-Stim control unit available today. If you want More Power, More Control, and more fun, then the 2B is the one you want.
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Re: First Time with 2B

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ncstimmer> Always enjoy reading feedback from stimmers having fun! During the first few sessions everyone focuses on the stimming equipment rather than the sensations. Also there is such a thing as 'estim anxiety' at the beginning of the learning curve. But as you progress you will fully relax into the experience with your head in the right zone playing your own sexual nerves like a violin. That's where the real fun begins!

Silicon donut cockrings are the way to go to sustain erections - ** ERECTION Tips and Tricks - viewtopic.php?f=11&t=9956

It's very easy to rig up a DIY triphase adapter cable. I made mine in 5 minutes. Just snipped the 2mm TENS-pin plug off an old cable (leave some of the cable length on) then cut the tail wires out of two TENS pads. Stripped the cable ends then just 'twist and taped' them all together. Hey presto - instant 2-into-1 TriPhase adapter, and it still works perfectly years later.

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Re: First Time with 2B

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ncstimmer wrote: ↑Tue Jul 20, 2021 10:32 pm My goodness, my experience was that I could endure much higher levels of stim to my ass than my cock and balls
Yes, that makes sense. You've got a much larger contact area with your anal electrode than with the cock and ball electrodes, so the sensation is more "diffuse". That's one reason why you've done well to get the 2B. Lesser boxes don't push out enough power to provide sufficient anal stimulation.
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