Access to the developers forum - READ ME FIRST!!!

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Access to the developers forum - READ ME FIRST!!!

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1 you need to PM the admin for access to the developers forum.. Posting in a thread asking for access will just be deleted by the mods. The mods don't have the ability to grant access to the developer forum. Only the Admin can do this. Attempting to join the group via other means will also be ignored. Unfortunately the board is regularly hit with spam, so auto requests to join the board will just be deleted. Persistent attempts to join the board this way will result in your account being deleted.

2 You must have posted at least 3 posts in the main boards before we will give you access. This should not be difficult introduct yourself, ask questions, but please don't just add on 'me too' posts to old threads.

3 If you cannot send a PM then you might be still under moderation. All new members are under moderation until they have posted at least 3 acceptable posts in the other groups. (Say Hi, give others advice etc - get involved!!!). This cuts down on the amount of spam we have to contend with.

4 If you do not partake in the developers forum, or the forum in general, then you will be automatically deleted. We have a number of people who join, download everything they want, and leave no comment or feedback. Its not fair on others, nor the developers.

5 Why? Because we are trying to help people get the best out of our equipment, so if you want something from the developers and the developers forum, we would like something in return.