6 months - thoughts and questions

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6 months - thoughts and questions

Post by toughsub » Sat Nov 24, 2018 9:01 am

Hi family,

first thing to say - woof, this little thingy really is worth every cent... Love it and had quite a few hfo´s - preferably on wave on training.

Some questions i have though :

-battery powered, on low, i can handle ca. 60% wave, and it seems if i increase the output further, it doesnt change a thing from the feeling. Seems like its maxed out on 60%. However, with the PSU, 50% really make me bite on whatever solid i can chew on ...Is it "normal" that the box is maxed out at ca. 60% on battery?

- If you reduce the frequency on a setting, the longer the pulses/waves, the stronger they feel. This means if you increase the frequency, you also have to increase intensity to maintain the same level of stimulation. Would it make sense to build in a software link between the settings so increase in frequency also increases intensity automatically?

- The connect really is a nice feature , however, is there some sort of forum where people meet who want to connect? would it make sense to have a section on the connect site where you can find others who are online to "hook up" with them?

Wish everyone a happy zappin ;)


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