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Post by mummiob » Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:39 pm


i am mummiob (SZN-41360) from germany.
I have tried simple TENS devices but most time the results was boring.

Now with the 2b its possible to get teased for hours and i have to watch the clock

Currently i am trying to figure out how to programm this thing with and
try to do a proof of concept

Long term i have the idea to build a small picture library (Filename + Tags stored)
and use the app to stream a slideshow to my mobile phone and same
time trigger actions to the 2b by tags

F.e. my last love disliked
my passion for red heads. Every time with her when i looked after
a read head, she added punishment points for next play. My idea is
when displaying a red head women, the B2 triggers a punish program or Boost
When displaying a picture of my love, then it should play a relaxing program.

Currently i am trying to get the basics to build this
a) communicate with the B2
b1) stream pictures to a remote device, f.e. Android when there is a way to do this without programming Android
b2) using remote viewer (vnc, rdp)

Building a small database to store the filenames and tags then will be just a matter of work time.

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