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Post by prot3us1 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:59 pm

Hi everyone!
After using my own designed devices for years I have purchased an A-Box for use in cam shows.... It has only been a week and I live in Aus so my unit hasnt arrived yet, however I am eager to try it to compare to my own creations!

I am seriously considering getting a 2B, as I would be able to more easily link it with my viewers. I currently write all my own integration software. (I have even written a fun program that allows my wife/sub and I to "ride" another broadcasters stream - that is, it will react to tips that others receive as if we were the broadcaster....I like to put her remote toys in and load up a really fast paced stream so she is constantly surprised!

The a-box was my original purchase for a few reasons....Something like this is a long term commitment for us, we dont spend money like this on equipment lightly... (Although I am not complaining. With a lifetime warranty I am happy to pay it...as opposed to some other companies in other areas who will include say 1 year then $99 per year after that....this box will pay itself off in 3 years of included warranty - and i will still be using it long after that!)

Right now I have thoughts of using an arduino with a 1/16 stepper motor in half step mode to turn the adjustment knob, for instance using a rubber tyre to counter-rotate the knob..never actually modifying the unit itself). Adjust so the sensation is pleasant but not enough to cum and allow the tips to increase the levels to the sweet spot etc.

the 2B would allow me to do this via serial link, however the audio response is laggy from what i have read (on purpose, to smooth out music tracks). While I have an idea of perhaps just spending some time making custom audio for the 2B, right now we are quite busy so the A-Box is more ideal, seeing as I have a huge library of e-stim audio to try out on it and find a good set.

Anyways enough for now. Thats is my current goals and introduction, I will definitely be around!


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