power of the ElectroHelix

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power of the ElectroHelix

Post by dragonfly » Wed May 10, 2017 8:42 pm


I am the owner of the new Electrohelix. I like it but I am not very fond of the power of it - I can easily turn the level knob to maximum (I can clearly feel the current but it's not very strong). I have read it has more power than the series1. I didn't know the Series 1, so I cannot compare it to that box, but in my opinion it's having not nearly enough power. I know all persons are different, but I doesn't feel right. :(
And I cannot get the intense mode to run: I press the firebutton, hold it and switch on the device - all LED are blinking for as long as I am holding the fire button, I release the fire button the LEDs are wandering to the right as in the normal mode and that's it - no intensivation at all. I have already changed the cable and the battery but to no avail, so I am wondering, did I do something wrong or is the device damaged?

Maybe someone has an idea what could be wrong or can tell me how can I assure that the intense mode is running/working.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: power of the ElectroHelix

Post by admin » Thu May 11, 2017 9:46 am

have you tried contacting the support team directly? info@e-stim.co.uk to see if there is a problem with your Helix? Generally the Helix has been well received in terms of its power, but there are always people who find they want or need more power.

You might also find an improvement in intensity if you use more or less gel, or vary the electrodes/positioning, but not knowing what you are currently using it is hard to suggest options.

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