Almost perfect

User support for our new E-Stim Connect service. Looking for help? Then have a look at for instructions and answers to frequently asked questions. Comments and suggests for improvement of the service are always welcome.
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Almost perfect

Post by Navaaria » Thu Jul 25, 2019 8:33 am

I was extremely happy when I found out about the new Connect and have tried it out with much joy. Best way to control someone's stim without the need for Teamviewer or other remote control programs.

However, there some issues I noticed with the timeout:

If the timeout dialog box remains unconfirmed by the victim, the remote controller can still use the stim. As long as the dialog box is open, the timeout does not function anymore. I mention this because I usually am tied up when playing, hence unable to confirm the dialog (I have read your safety notes. Please rest assured, I am aware of the risks and I have done this before. Naturally with people I really trust). So it would be great if the dialog box could be made optional or close itself after an adjustable time. My remote controller also told me that they did not receive any information about an occurring timeout. I believe they should know.

Other suggestions for future updates:

The connection itself should be able to timeout too, which, contrary to my statement above, would improve safety.

And finally it would be great if the validity time of the key could be adjusted as well. 4 hours is a great choice, but maybe someone wants it to be shorter or even longer.

Anyway, that's my two cents about your awesome program.

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Re: Almost perfect

Post by thomas1fr » Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:58 pm


You're right. I would like to have a longer time to connect because sometimes, my master asks me to go to bed with the 2B connected. And he come during the night to connect remotely. If he comes more than 4 hours later, he can't connect anymore...

For this reason, Commander2 was better.

If the creators could allow the download of Commander2... We can choose to use the best program for our use
Always looking for a good master

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