Joanne's Goodies

The ins and outs of Electrodes. Questions and answers, discussions regarding electrodes and their use and placement.
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Joanne's Goodies

Post by beem2713 »

If you guys dont have one of these, get one, it's amazing. Exceeds all my predictions and expectations, it's incredible. Absolutely the best trode for the money for sure.


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Re: Joanne's Goodies

Post by Stimnick »

YES YES YES! I just received mine a few days ago and could not believe the feelings and effect it created. Joanne has created an electrode that will create many a HFO.

It is a fantastic design. While other products exist, this one is very well engineered and should hold up to lots of use. And it will get lots of use!
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Re: Joanne's Goodies

Post by Firefly »

I have something similar but it keeps falling off when I get soft?
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Re: Joanne's Goodies

Post by joannesReviews »

It is good to know that you have been enjoying the electrode.
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Re: Joanne's Goodies

Post by mtforbidden »

Apologies, where can we purchase such items?
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