moaner modification

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moaner modification

Post by abii »

Hi there, I'm having a moaner electrode and I was wondering If there is any way to shorten its length... I'm pretty sure once the non-conductive black shaft gets shorted Id would hit my prostate much accurate... I can't find anything similar in e-stim store. I think the moaner's head can be unscrew, Is that safe? Maybe I can do it myself somehow?

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Re: moaner modification

Post by Deltus1 »

As far as I know, all E-STIM Systems anal electrodes can be taken apart. They consist of the base, a screw to connect the base to the head, insulation between the screw and the base, and the usually black plastic spacer between the base and the head through which the screw passes.

So you could achieve what you want with a shorter screw and a shorter spacer.
If I'm guessing correctly from the pictures and measurements, the MJ and maybe the Flange have a shorter distance between the base and the head and therefore shorter screws and spacers.
If I am right, you would only have to combine the head of a Moaner with the other parts of an MJ or Flange.
To be on the safe side, I would ask the guys at E-STIM Systems for the exact dimensions of the parts.

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Re: moaner modification

Post by GHHoss »

I had the same thought a while back. I have the E-WMCBP (a collaboration with ESS and Mr. S Leathers) which is similar to the MJ. It has a shorter screw and spacer so I tried to swap them out. Unfortunately the spacer is a smaller diameter that the one on the Moaner so while it works it's not a perfect swap. The bottom of the spacer has a lip which engages with the base -- therefore, you have to use the base from the E-WMCBP to match the spacer. The screws are threaded the same but are different lengths.

I see that Joanne is making 3D printed spacers for some of the ESS butt plugs. They have more shape than the normal straight-sided spacer. It seems like a potential opportunity for Joanne to create a shorter spacer and perhaps a matching screw as a set, for sale. It's a fairly limited market so might not make good business sense.
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