Prostrate plug insertion

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Re: Prostrate plug insertion

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getting it on the hot side of warm also makes a massive difference.

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Re: Prostrate plug insertion

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A warm Moaner is bliss. While it is not an issue getting it in, once it is in you are like WHOA.

Just ordered a Flo, will report back on results compared to Moaner.

Work up to it, make it warm. Moaner is very worth it.
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Re: Prostrate plug insertion

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Biggest challenge I feel with such as the Moaner until experienced is insertion; a big consideration angle of insertion, and also pausing at key points for the internal muscles to adjust-relax, along with a good lubricant and we think E-Stims own is brand great, especially vaginal for her and still benefits anal for me I notice.
What compounds this is if doing this on your own as a partner can visually see what is going on, doing this on your own with such as the Moaner due to shape-size until experienced is like fumbling around for the 1st time one had sex lol.

If on your own to feel and learn from practice, I would really recommend the Medium E-WMCBP 2, it looks a bit daunting but is one of the most comfortable to insert and feel how to relax muscles/etc. ... uli88lie42
Try to find the consistent angle of insertion (you soon learn to feel what is right/wrong) and this can be challenging when solo until very experienced, along with technique to encourage the muscle to pull it in rather than tightening, this can be such as gently creating a small O movement or a gentle wriggle movement/etc,

One really important aspect IMO, with all of these very solid insertables never try to force it or you may do a little bit of minor damage to your internal tissue (should be nothing major but you will feel it for awhile until heals).
My partner prefers slightly larger inserts but for me 38mm is comfortable (did not take long to be able to accept these and the WMCBP 2 will help a lot) and superior to anything from 30mm and under, while around 44mm is limit to what I want to go to personally.

BTW the above and what others have said also applies when removing the insert at 38mm and above, need a little patience and approach to pull it out as again if on your own you need to feel the angle and muscles/etc, just do not yank it out lol.
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Re: Prostrate plug insertion

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gunner888 wrote: Wed May 05, 2021 7:33 pm I have been estiming for years, but so far have not experienced using an anal electrode. Last Christmas, I finally ordered the Moaner as it seem to be the most recommended. The couple times I have tired, I just can not seem to insert it. The last time, I gotten a thick lube designed for anal play but just could not seem to get the first electrode only partly past the opening. I spend 45 minutes trying every position I could find recommended from squatting to lay on my side. I felt like I was relax down there and was not fighting it. It just seemed to go so far and stop.

Any advice would be appreciated? Keep in mind I am middle age and don't have the greatest flexibility.
Hey Gunner888,

Hopefully you haven't given up on the moaner plug and have gotten used to it. I have one and have some suggestions. First, I use Astroglide water-based lube. I find it is much better especially for butt plugs because it is more slippery. Second it's all about training your brain. It has nothing to do with stretching. Use your muscles just like you would if you were bearing down to get out a big poop that was stuck if you were sitting on the toilet. To get it in, you have to bear down like you are trying to get it out. Just pretend you are trying to take a huge poop. Bear down until it goes in. When you want to get it out, do the same thing. Poop it out. Don't worry, you won't make a mess.

Another toy that really helped me and is one of my absolute favorites is the Njoy Pure Wand (pictured) . It can be used on a man or a woman and whenever my wife uses it she soaks the sheets every time like no other toy.

The absolute best lube you can use on any anal toy is Crisco solid vegetable shortening. It won't break down like a water based lube either. It's magic and completely safe. I don't think it would be a good electrical conductor, although you could try it. It wouldn't hurt. I would put some on the moaner and practice putting it in with the Crisco. That's what we use on the Njoy wand and I don't like to use anything else. The water based lubes just absorb too quickly. Try the Crisco using the bearing down technique. I think you will have success. Let us know.
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