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Post by Ronfire7 »

Anyone use a "Silicone Fusion 'Viper' Bi-Polar Cock Ring" Would like your opinion on it.
I currently use a conductive rubber loop with the top insulated and thinking of getting one.
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Re: Viper?

Post by merry »

I have a viper and really like it - I got it last Halloween with an Electrastim discount code that made it a very reasonable £41 inc delivery.

I first used it in a triphase configuration via my E-stim Systems triphase lead with the Viper placed around the base of my cock teamed with a large oblong TENS pad oriented vertically between the tops of my buttocks. The Viper gave a great feel and as the blurb says I really could feel sensations all the way along the shaft to the cockhead, cranking up the power swiftly lead to a blissful! toe curling HFO..........Which was nice :-)

I've also had success using the viper with a TENS Y splitter cable (making it a monopole electrode) in an overlapping configuration again with the Viper around base of cock, an E-stim Systems small flange as an anal electrode, one of Joanne's conductive rubber metal reenforced rings placed mid shaft and another as a glans electrode, channel B from the anal electrode to the mid shaft electrode and channel A from the Viper to the glans electrode, plenty of Spectral 360 conductive lube on the Viper's lil' black conductive 'teeth' and the conductive rubber ring electrodes. Used as a monopole electrode also has the benefit of smoothing out any uncomfortable 'biting' sensations which the Viper can sometimes cause when used as a bipolar electrode especially at the start of a session if you're not yet fully erect or haven't depilated/shaved the contact area where the Viper conductive areas make contact with the skin.

All in all I'd definitely recommend the Viper as a useful addition to anyones e-stim toy box :-)
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Re: Viper?

Post by hoevel09 »

To me it didn’t do the trick, but felt sharp where it connected to the skin.

Have kept it though and might give it a second try…
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Re: Viper?

Post by aroyal »

A very hot ride even with plenty of gel
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