6mm vs 8mm rubber tubing?

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Re: 6mm vs 8mm rubber tubing?

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Deltus1 wrote: Wed Jan 05, 2022 10:47 am After a few trials, I prefer these loop electrodes from the very good © Joanne's E-Stim Shop:



Cock base: Estim Penis Play Conductive 8 mm Rubber Cock Loop & Tie Down Insulator 4 mm Plug <=> Glans rim: Bipolar Estim Penis Play Conductive Rubber Cock Loop 6 mm, 2 mm Plug.

The 8 mm provide a larger contact surface at the base, which is more comfortable for me.

It is important that the cock-loop at the base of the penis is insulated on top by the holder (see explanations at Stimaddict). I find the two eyelets on the side very helpful with this version of the holder, into which I hook small snap hooks which, with the help of a rubber cord around my hips, hold the package in place and support the penis at the base.

I use the cock loop for the glans ring monopolar on the glans ring, I do not use the frenulum electrode. I like the fact that the holder leaves out the frenulum area.

After a lot of trial and error, the cock loops from Joannas that I mentioned are in my mind the ones that are the best to put on and which hold best without further clamps due to the plastic holders and are also very easy to adjust / adapt. They are also very inexpensive.

I use spring-loaded 2 mm or 4 mm plugs and have had no problems with them so far.
It is good to know that the electrodes are suiting your style of stimming. Long may that continue :D

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Re: 6mm vs 8mm rubber tubing?

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For me it has to be 6mm od with 4mm id and plumbers lead free solder running through the middle .so it can be bent and shaped to fit anywhere
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