Whats your Favourite Electrodes

The ins and outs of Electrodes. Questions and answers, discussions regarding electrodes and their use and placement.
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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by cbtslavecom »

I found this message on another forum:

Forget the expensive electrodes if you really want to work on your penis with a tens unit. Also don't worry about the adhesive electrodes not sticking. Here is what you do.

Go to perve depot, (Home Depot, or other hardware store), and buy some pvc pipe. Get the shortest piece you can in a large enough diameter that you cock will easily fit inside and cut to the desired length. Also get an end cap to go with it, a bolt, 2 large washers, nut and whatever else you might need to built this excellent torture device. I'd recommend a 1/4 bolt for us in the U.S. A couple of smaller washers and a wing nut makes attaching an electrode easier.

Take the end cap and drill a hole for a bolt. Put the large washer over the bolt and insert the bolt/washer through the hole with a washer inside. Use the second washer and nut to secure the bole. Might also use a little silicon sealant such as RTV to make the bolt et. al. water tight. The other washers and wing nut can be put on to clamp an electrode lead to the bold.

Glue the cap to the piece of the pipe. Now you are ready for some fun. Put some water and salt into the pipe and put it in a vise or something else so that the pipe is held in place and positions it so you can put your penis into the pipe so that it is in the water. Now attach one electrode lead to the bold and place the other electrode on with an adhesive pad to some part of your body, ball sack recommended. Dip you penis into the water and turn on the tens unit.

I usually put the pipe in a workmate so that I can sit on it with my penis hanging down into the pipe. The water level determines if just the head or the whole shaft gets the shock. No matter the level it seems to me that most of the sensation comes from the head anyway.

This can be real effective as a punishment. Your mistress ties you in place so you can pull you dick out and turns on the juice. She can then sit back and watch you suffer. My wife often uses this method to punish me. She decide the level of the tens and time in advance. Gets me to set it up, ties me in position and then the fun, for her, starts.

BTW, it often does make me cum. After which it is a much worse punishment.

I'm sure you could devise a system with two such pipes, one for the penis and one for the balls. I've also thought about using a metal tube that cigars come in for a second electrode. This would be inserted up the ass. Hope my wife never thinks of that.

Sorry! My English is very bad.
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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by xxxpetrx »

I like regular pads (or unofficial pads - from wish, aliexpress) and small unipolar ane bipolar plugs :)
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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by Stimmmer0815 »


my favourite combination is.

E-Stim 2B
5cm Bipolar Buttplug
Chastity cage
P.E.S Big Boy Sparkler as an urethral sound
P.E.S. Testicle Tubular Electrode around the base shaft like a cock ring.

Mystim tension lover
2 Electrodes on the buttock
1 electrode unter the glans
1 electrode at the perineum.

Allt his is hidden under several layers of Latex, Shapewear, and Spandex catsuits and an corsett.
Combined with ballett heels, an monoglove and an Mask with internal gag it is an intense session.

When i dont have a person to play with me i dont wear the monoglove, to control the 2B and the Mystim.

Most the time i start with the training programm until i reach 60% on high output level with power supply.
Then switch to thrub or thrust until cumming. Then switch again to training from 50-100% and cum a secont time.

Greetings C.
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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by impulse69 »

The moaner is my number one choice. besides the size and shape I love the fact that I can use it on one channel as a bipolar insertible ( one red and one black ) or even connect just one wire from one channel to either the tip or the base.
Option three is using one wire and with the use of a Y cable connect it to base and tip.
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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by mrbutt89 »

I'd second impulse69's post. The Moaner, definitely. Although I don't use it for every session, it's the one I come back to time and again and it never disappoints. I like the flexibility of being able to use it on a channel of its own, or use just the prostate end connection as part of a triphase setup. It's easy to insert and stays put.
I like my Moaner to be warm when I insert it. If the sun's out, I simply stand it on the window sill in its black plastic container for an hour or so to get it nice and warm. Otherwise, I put it in a trouser pocket and bring it up to body temperature that way.
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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by Cornishguy »

I like a moaner with silicone loops, one below the glans and one around the base, in a triphase setup
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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by Soxspunkr »

I've been looking at the estim electrodes for something new and although the moaner gets my vote every time, sometimes I think I'd like something that would go just that bit deeper.. I'm thinking a 'Super MJ' might just be the thing, the head and base of the MJ with the shaft of the moaner, just for that longer,deeper feeling.. if only I could add that to my shopping cart! :roll: lol
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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by phxxis »

I have an MJ and a Large Torpedo. I love both of them, but if you are new to anal play, say, then I'd recommend starting small and then scaling up afterwards. I also have a curved electrode from Mystim made out of conducive material.

Some metal rings are really nice: good conductivity, and also works a bit like cockrings. Conducive rubber is something I own, but I rarely use that since I don't think it works as well.
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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by Majorityon »

I used to use a cock base ring against a pad, either on perineum or top of buttock cleft, for one channel; with a veriprobe for anal; with my em140. Having disposed of those and now having a 2B, have CR loops and I'm experimenting with positions on the shaft and a pad on perineum or cleft, or both, in various combinations with tri-phase connection.

I liked the veriprobe but it seems to be unavailable now, have just bought a Silicon Noir Aura which is an equivalent size, but in its natural position has electrodes front and back rather than side to side - will be an interesting comparison.

Also use a cut down pad on nipple against a standard pad to the side a couple of inches away, held in place with lycra sleeve, for bipolar nipple stimming.
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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by paulwarr »

I have a pes big Jim that always hits the mark
A MJ anal trode and conductive rubber loops
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