Whats your Favourite Electrodes

The ins and outs of Electrodes. Questions and answers, discussions regarding electrodes and their use and placement.
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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by Dearelliot »

I experimented quite a bit, not as much as some here, but I usually end up using a thin bare wire One wrapped around the penis and one wrapped over the head and creasing the urethra.
as well as one I bought with a small round ball into the urethra which works well. But working with my Mistress my problem is the pain level isn't high enough and I'm looking for ways to increase it. So far the pads under the balls doesn't seem to give me the feeling I enjoy.
I am open to any suggestions for more pain, but being married it's difficult to safely purchase a better unit than the TENs 7000.

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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by merry »

over the years I've been into e-stim I've tried most of the major manufacturers electrodes and control/power boxes, among my favourite trodes are: PES's Base Ring, Prostate Stimulator, Corona Stimulator w/insert, shaft rings and Small Sparkler.

I'd love! to try PES's Slim/Big Jim's however as a hypospadic they would likely present difficulties plus as their not exactly cheap and could be completely unusable for lil' ol' me I've not yet dared to buy/try them, if I had money to burn I'd just go for it however I don't so....... :-(

Other todes I like are E-stim Systems small flange, small Flo and Veriprobe. I've occasionally enjoyed using blue bands, really! liking Electrastim's Viper (used as a monopole via a TENS splitter) enjoy Joanne's copper wire re-enforced CR rings, small square/round and large oblong TENS patches, Shapeways innovative metal glans trode, Happystim's flat CR straps and I'm j-u-s-t getting to know 3rdh's sponge filled Softy electrode.

My current go to setup is a triphased one comprising: PES's Prostate stimulator anal as common, Electrastim's Viper (as a monopole via a TENS splitter) around base of shaft and one of Joanne's copper wire re-enforced CR rings around glans.

I've had lots! of enjoyable toe curling HFO's with this configuration/combo so I can heartily recommend it :-)
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Re: Whats your Favourite Electrodes

Post by joannesReviews »

It's good to know the loops are working well for you. Happy stimming.
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