ABox and Series 2 Different?

Everything about the E-Stim Systems Series 2 digital controller. The Series 2 is no longer manufactured, and has been replaced by the much more advanced and powerful 2B.
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ABox and Series 2 Different?

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Whats the difference between the ABox and the Series 2? I think I know both do audio , but is the Series 2 better?


Re: ABox and Series 2 Different?

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Hi there,

Wow ok where to start??? The A box is purely audio stimulated, I.e it has an internal mic and you can plug in lap top mp3 and play music though it and the current follows the pattern.
With the series 2 you have 13 different modes, one of which is the audio capability. I can strongly recommend the series 2 it not only has more power but some of the modes are just increddible, Master and I just adore milk, tickle and waterfall some of the most amazing sensations anally, vaginally and in the ureathra of either Him or me.

My advice get one!!! It is one of those pieces of kit that is so versatile, there is only one limmit to what you can do with it....Your imagination and they do some fantastic insertables and now there is the new Tri-Phase cable which changes the sensation completely, intesifies things to a new height it is almost completely 3D. My god the orgasms W/we have had with this box are increddible.

xXx Little One xXx
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Re: ABox and Series 2 Different?

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LittleOne wrote:

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