Powering a Series 2 from the mains

Everything about the E-Stim Systems Series 2 digital controller. The Series 2 is no longer manufactured, and has been replaced by the much more advanced and powerful 2B.
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Powering a Series 2 from the mains

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Series 2 power adaptor

I've had a Series 2 for a while now and although I love the box it does use up batteries, even more on high power.
Having some experience playing with electronics I have worked out how to run my Series 2 from a mains plug. And it works.

Warning this is not an official mid and may invalidate your warrantee

Step 1
Take one of the pp3 battery clips and bend it in the middle, so both the contacts can clip together.

Step 2
find a power supply capable of running at 18v DC. I've used a laptop power supply.

Step 3
Connect the output of the power supply to a pp3 battery clip remembering that you need to connect it the wrong way around you might have to cut the plug of the power supply and work out which is +18v and 0v.

Step 4
Switch it on. Your series 2 should now start-up as normal. If not stop and check all your connections.

Step 5
Never buy batteries again!!!!

The nice thing avoid this mod is if you want to go back to using batteries you can. I'll try to add some pictures if I can

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Re: Powering a Series 2 from the mains

Post by neo80 »

You should use a isolated and stabilized source, and test it with a voltimeter before using it
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