New Shuffle not compatable with Series 2

Everything about the E-Stim Systems Series 2 digital controller. The Series 2 is no longer manufactured, and has been replaced by the much more advanced and powerful 2B.
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New Shuffle not compatable with Series 2

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One of the moreinteresting areas to play with both the Series 2 and the ABox is the use of music. Apple have been producing a range of excellent MP3 players for a while, and from a personal point of view I love them. Easy to use simple and compact... and up to now they all have worked well with both the Series 2 and the Abox. However we have discovered the latest creation from Apple the 'talking' shuffle does not yet work with either the ABox or our Series 2. Why? its because all the controls are in the headset, and you loose the headset when connecting the Series 2. You can connect the headset when using an ABox, but you loose one of the connections, as Apple use a nifty 3 ring plug.

We are looking into a workaround.


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