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Recently bought the ABox

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 11:00 pm
by lasalle
My brand new ABox arrived last week and I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY. I’ve been using a medical-grade TENS unit for years and didn’t know I was missing out on the true e-stim experience. The unit is exceptionally well-built and very easy to use. After getting it hooked up to my PC I spent hours playing with an audio tone generator and I’m absolutely amazed by the endless combinations of sensations this little box can generate. It’s powerful, too - I was initially skeptical that a 9-volt battery could provide a sufficient output, but it’s right in the sweet spot. I don’t have experience with any other power boxes, but I have to say, if you’ve ever wanted to experiment with stereo stimming, the ABox is worth the price and then some.