Abox Mk2 short review

The unique Audio sensation....the ABox. How to get the best out of your ABox, and ABox Mk2
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Abox Mk2 short review

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Just got this box a couple of days ago. I do very much like the size, this must be one of the smallet boxes around?

Maybe the small size is due to that it has only one channel. I am happy with that, usually estim on the go so to say. The knobs to adjust output and sensitivity seem precise and it is easy to adjust them.

It does not sem to do any processing to the input signal, so what you feel is entirely depending on the input audio file and of course the type of electrodes. I did some experimenting with a Denon HiFi stereo power amplifier, attached electrodes to the headphone output of the amplifier. The feel is very similar, with the same audio, as to the ABox. I like this idea that idea that the box does nothing to the signal except adjust voltage for stimming purpose.

Output power is maybe somewhat less compared to other boxes, but plenty enough for my part.

All in all I am very happy with this box, only disadvantage is that another device must be used as signal source. For my part that is a Sansa Clip mp3-player.

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