reversed motion sensing

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reversed motion sensing

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Dear e-stim,

As a happy customer of the e-stim remote I have an idea for extending the e-stim remote with a new modus.

On the moment the e-stim remote has the option of motion sensing, which gives shocks on the moment it detects motion. Is it also possible to create a new motion sensor modus, but then one in which it gives shocks if it does not detect motion?

This option would work in configuration and buttons the same as the current motion sensing except that in this modus it only gives shocks if there is no motion (and no shocks if there is motion). The idea is that the subject should keep on moving/walking if it does not want to be shocked. (which coincidentally would be an ideal solution if you want to household chores done 8-) ).

If you have plans on adding such I functionality let me know, I will be the first to upgrade or buy the new version.


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