My Quick start guide for Newbies to a great HFO session.

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My Quick start guide for Newbies to a great HFO session.

Post by estimfun » Sun Jul 21, 2019 9:53 pm

Here are some things that I do that end up with a HFO (Hands Free Orgasm) almost every single time:

1. Be in the mood. Bad day at work, fighting with your partner, not horny, got a headache? Maybe wait to try this tomorrow. This is the most important thing. Sometimes holding off from masturbating for a few days helps.

2. Take a shower. Every time before a session, this is a requirement. Getting your skin more moist will help prevent "shocking" feeling in the electrodes. I don't use electrogel, all though some recommend it, I'm fine without it if I take a shower, The shower also helps you relax, feel clean and get into the mood,

3. Use a butt electrode and insert it while in the shower. Use a good water based lube. I insert mine while in the shower. I cum harder if I have some type of butt electrode, especially if its pressing on my prostate. Personally I like E-Stim Systems Egg Medium for a more internal feel, but there are many plug types of out there. I like Bipolar plugs.

4. Use conductive rubber loops for males up front. I've tried metal, I've tried a lot of different types. The type that works best for me is the basic conductive loop. I wrap one around the base of the shaft with some type of clip holding the end. Next I take a 1/2 sized loop, wrap one part under the "head" and then one part over the middle like a straight line away from the body. I connect that part of the loop to the ring that is just under the head. I 3d printed some minimal holders, but you can do the same thing with glue (wait for it to dry before you try it!). It follows the shape of the "head" of the penis. The reason this is a shorter length is because I have the connector as close as possible.

5. Increase power slowly. I find a slow pulse mode or a mode that increase pulse until its solid works great. Slowly ramp this up. I've found setting the butt level one, to a level that just noticeable works great but allow the penis trode to go as high as needed. I often get to 60% on the penis trode before I explode.

Optional: Sometimes looking at porn is needed to help you get over the bump to a HFO.

Under Clothes:
I do almost all my stimming under clothes or costumes now. One thing that works great up front is to take a plastic grocery bag , take a corner thats not the handles, pull it though a circle you make with a thumb and your finger, pull out a length that is long enough for your penis, Cut the plastic to make a parachute shape. Wrap that around your penis and put it in your clothes. Not only will it catch all fluids it keeps your penis from contacting parts of your abdomen. Keep in mind the more you "leak" precum, the less effective the stim will feel, resulting in needing the raise the power level. This is also keeps you from having to use electrogel at higher levels, but you will need to take a shower first!. This works great from remote control setups ; )

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Re: My Quick start guide for Newbies to a great HFO session.

Post by Stimaddict » Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:13 am

:!: That is a superb post estimfun, great advice!

I'd suggest newbies also read this post, "Advice for *NEW* 2B owners" - viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9716

The most important thing to remember is that HFOs come from the mind, NOT your genitals. When we stim we are fooling the innate, subconscious areas of our brain into believing we are having sex. Orgasm is an involuntary, psychosomatic reaction to the electro-stimulation applied.

HFOs are not automatic. They get easier to achieve with experience until they become as natural as conventional masturbation, which suggests the key to HFO is relaxation, surrender and understanding your own sexuality. Don't chase after an HFO, just wait until orgasm comes to you. Don't think about it, just allow it happen in its own time. Above all never consider a session that does not end in orgasm as a 'failure'. Keep experimenting and it will work for you, often when you least expect it.

Think of conventional sex. It starts with 'foreplay', moves on to sexual intercourse culminating with orgasm then finishes with 'afterplay', messing around post coitus. IMHO a HFO stim session should follow that same pattern. Start with a nice, gentle routine or audio stimfile to ease you in, harden you up and get you in the mood. This 'stim-foreplay' should last for 15-30 mins during which your cock will become gently acclimatized to the sensations as you gradually increase the power level.

After that you will be ready to move on to higher power levels or stronger, more demanding stimfiles. Enjoy them, surrender yourself to them, allow them to do their work. At the end of a session you can wind down for several minutes with a gentle file or tone ('afterplay').

Look into how you set yourself up for a stim session. You should be alert and not too tired but completely relaxed. Avoid too much alcohol and/or drugs. Make sure your bladder is empty before you begin. Dim the lights and remove all distractions, maybe including a computer screen. Make sure you won't be interrupted and that the room is warm.

Focus on the sensations, *not* your stimming equipment. Close your eyes, think nothing but erotic thoughts and let your mind do the rest. Experiment, experiment, experiment.

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Re: My Quick start guide for Newbies to a great HFO session.

Post by estimbird » Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:44 am

Both together really great postings :!: :!: :!:

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Re: My Quick start guide for Newbies to a great HFO session.

Post by joannesReviews » Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:10 pm

Very sound advice, it's great that you took so much time explaining things, newcomers and experienced stimmers alike will find it very useful indeed.
Just a woman in her 40's who likes sticking things in her pussy and telling the world all about it on my review site. I'm quite normal I think LOL. :?

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Re: My Quick start guide for Newbies to a great HFO session.

Post by Sparky » Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:25 am

Thank you, estimfun and stimaddict, for that great summary of suggestions.

I am one of those "newbies" having acquired my 2B and some accessories earlier in the year. Have yet to achieve the fabled HFO. In the meantime, I am fascinated with and enjoying the journey of trying different settings. Finding too that the settings and loops that brought me pleasure one day don't necessarily repeat themselves the next time around. Still it's an interesting and fun adventure. Love the sensations and I want more! Wish I had purchased this unit long ago. Well worth the money.

~ Sparky

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Re: My Quick start guide for Newbies to a great HFO session.

Post by estimfun » Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:20 am

I'd recommend, do all the steps posted above.

This will probably push you over the edge, if you're having trouble.

Your next session, be setup. Go with a setting like Stroke / Squeeze / Milk. If you're using a butt toy, keep in mind if thats to over whelming it will make it harder/impossible to cum. But I cum harder with one in, normally I keep my butt electrode at a lower level. Take your primary electrode (thats connected to your bits up front), turn it up to the point where you just notice it. Break out the porn, slowly turn the power up. Find something that really turns you on, slowly increase power (just channel A/Your front one). You're gonna have a few moments where you feel like you can't take it anymore, its so powerful, take it down a notch for a little bit if that starts happening. After a brief resting period start back up. While you're looking at the porn really get inside your head, think about what you like about it that makes you want to orgasm. If you get to a point where there is an overwhelmingly shocking feeling, almost like pain, and you can't move on past it with being turned on, then you've gone to high. Take it back down and give your self a little bit of time to rest (few mins), start back down a little bit and go back to the porn.

When it happens, you 'll that right before you cum feeling, Then it will happen and you're going to do it hard, way harder than what you can achieve masturbating with your hands. You're going to panic the first time it happens and reach to turn off the box the second you realize you're going to cum. You need to leave it on. It's going to be even harder to let it keep going while you're cumming. It normally will extend your cum "time" and the stim will cause your penis to keep rhythmic contracting. Post orgasm will be race to stop it as it feels like torture. LOL, I've never lasted longer than a minute after orgasm with the machine turned on, its too much. Unfortunately there's a refractory period before I can do more. Hope that helps, I find at around 50-60 is my sweet spot of Orgasming. I don't need it super high, just need to be in the right mind set and turned on enough. I've done it at 30 when I was turned on quite a bit once.

Also check out throb setting its amazing with loops.

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Re: My Quick start guide for Newbies to a great HFO session.

Post by ropedupbud » Fri Jan 03, 2020 6:18 am

For me the best HFO comes when using the elastic bands rather than the loops....the adjustable elastic bands are wider than the loops, are made of a softer material and make more surface contact with skin. Just make sure they are dampened with water before you strap them on.

It could be that for some guys the rubber loops are not ideal for them, for whatever reason. If a guy is having trouble achieving HFOs I would suggest that those guys get a pair of the e-stim elastic bands and try it with those. Everyone is different.

For me the rubber tubing loops delivered a sharp "stinging" sensation that was distracting for me...the first time I tried the elastic bands it made all the difference in the world and I could totally focus on the sensations of the e-stim and not on the uncomfortable sensations from the loops

I have to say that once you are able to have HFOs it will feel amazing.

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