Newbie's opinion: Egg vs. Moaner

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Newbie's opinion: Egg vs. Moaner

Post by Dewey2k » Fri Sep 18, 2020 12:00 am

I am new to stimming, and I somehow managed to get an electroegg and a Moaner. My experiences were definitive: don't bother getting the egg.

Here is why:
  • The egg is dedicated bi-polar, while the moaner has two connections which can be used as either a bi-pole or monopole.
  • The egg's sensations are concentrated in a small area, while the moaner in bi-pole feels like the stimulation is more spread out. This is important because:
  • The positioning of the Egg is not really controllable since once inserted, there is nothing rigid guiding it. Amount of cable inserted, gravity and body position are the only controls one has to position the egg, and they are less than precise.
The electroegg stimulated what I gathered was my sciatic nerve while laying on my back, and I could not seem to get the egg to move anywhere else. Inserting more cable (moving the egg further up the rectum) stimulated other nerves not related to sexual pleasure and was decidedly uncomfortable. When I lay on my stomach, the egg fell forward and again produced unpleasant sensations. This experience has convinced me to permanently retire the electroegg.

The moaner, on the other hand, produced pleasurable sensations at a predictable and consistent location. I came close to a HFO using it during my third session, and I am looking forward to using it again soon (which may be another post later on).

TL;DR: No Eggs.

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Re: Newbie's opinion: Egg vs. Moaner

Post by estimfun » Fri Sep 18, 2020 7:12 pm

Odd. I LOVE the egg. Like more than any of the butt plug style plugs. I did modify the egg though, well just the cable, I added a stopper on it. I tied the cable in a Knott about an inch and half bellow the egg and put a rounded stopper that fits between the cheeks nicely. This keeps the egg just above spincter and I get 100% prostate stim from it. I haven't found a better plug. Just using the loose cable, I had the same problems as you, it went up and hit my siatic nerve and was painful. After I figured out I needed something to keep it low, its my favorite butt toy ever. Another thing with just the cable and not having a part of the plug sitting down it offers some other benfits. 1. when its off i forget its there 2. I can sit down, do anything and not have a problem that a regular plug would give you 3. It doesn't show under tight clothing/latex (if that's your thing). Also this thing i can do the highest powerlevel out of any butt toy and the prostate really enjoys it.

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Re: Newbie's opinion: Egg vs. Moaner

Post by hotmids100 » Wed Oct 14, 2020 11:38 am

Hi Both

Ive just got the ebead 2.0 large and experienced the same issues, not being able to control its position, sitting on nerves (not nice!) etc, putting a knott in it sounds like an idea bit what is this "stopper" you speak of as it sounds like the ideal solution, any links/pics?

Many thanks

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