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Post by Salcaeus »

Hey there everyone! I've been looking through this forum and the site for some time and it has been helpful with my knowledge and exploration of e-stim. I figured I'd join the party along with everyone and learn a lot more along the way.

I'm learning how to make stim files and building my knowledge. Additionally, I'm looking forward to having some fun along the way! Thanks for having me! :)

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Re: Salutations

Post by mrbutt89 »

Hi Salcaeus. Welcome to the forum. It's always good to have someone else on board with some new insights and experiences to share.
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Re: Salutations

Post by Stimaddict »

Salcaeus wrote: Mon May 24, 2021 9:42 pm I'm learning how to make stim files and building my knowledge.
Hey, always looking for new stimfiles! If you have any success I'll add them to the Stimfile Archive :)

Happy Stimming!
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Re: Salutations

Post by estim_si »

If you are the original author of stim files them please feel to post on the forum. We only have issues with files being posted when the copyright is indeterminate- and we don’t accept the ‘public domain’ argument.


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