What power level you all get up go

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Re: What power level you all get up go

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Ohms wrote: Thu Jun 03, 2021 7:45 pm I've maxed out the 2B a few times. It all depends on the electrode configuration and what settings I have going on.
Wherever possible try putting more distance between your trodes. Generally the closer they are together the less sensation, so you need more power. For example 2 trodes on the cock feels much less intense than if you move one trode to the lower ball sack.

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Re: What power level you all get up go

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This thread reminds of the joke of the bus conductor found guilty of murder and to be executed by electric chair. After the third unsuccessful attempt at executing him he was freed. His comment "I must be a bad conductor"

In that sense I am a good conductor and on stereo mode I usually end up at 12 to 14.

But you must remember this value is also dependent on the recording levels of the audio files, these can vary from file to file.
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Re: What power level you all get up go

Post by MxVoltage »

I seem to need "mains", "high power" and either Continuous, Thrust or Throb. Start to feel it at about 10 and can usually take it up to the mid-20s. Most of the other modes seem to make me lose interest. I'm curious if anyone else had this problem... on the non-continuous modes (like Pulse), I don't feel anything until it gets near 30 and it worries me that it might suddenly turn into a real 30, if you know what I mean. I've had the unit back to the factory and I have been assured that it's working correctly. Does everyone else find that some modes just start working at much higher settings that others?
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Re: What power level you all get up go

Post by mrbutt89 »

Yes, starting levels do vary from one routine to another, and I understand what you're saying, especially with audio files. If I try a new routine and have to go much abouve my normal level, there's always that fear it's going to get too intense at some point, without warning. Some people get off on that fear...!
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Re: What power level you all get up go

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I find myself consistently maxing out the 2B when using batteries on high power mode, but can't get much above 35% when using mains power on the high power level... That being said I definitely don't start out there! Also, I've noticed that some program modes seem to max out at much lower levels than others. Stereo mode can output a lot of power, but I've found that Continuous doesn't quite output as much and Bounce & Pulse seem to be even lower still.
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Re: What power level you all get up go

Post by Rahere »

I see two other facets, suggesting a peak responsivity level. The first is warm-up: you can go far further by preparing the muscles being twitched by warming them up gently at first. The second is that the scaling-up slows beyond about 70, muscles have reached their peak responsivity. Similarly, winding the frequency (LH Adjust) down to 20 allows for a better appreciation of the pattern chosen. And apprehension of how far it's going to go!
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