Newbie says HELLO!

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Newbie says HELLO!

Post by Orstopp »

I just got my new 2B! I don´t know what to expect - i´ve no idea what this is all about - completely new to electro-stimulation! I hope i´ll have fun and looking forward to have nice conversations with you. Thank´s in advance for your help.

Best Regards

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Re: Newbie says HELLO!

Post by Sereno3 »

Welcome and share your experiences!
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Re: Newbie says HELLO!

Post by mrbutt89 »

Welcome to the club! I hope you have fun. The main thing is to experiment, take time and find what works for you. Ideally, don't rush your sessions, but make time for them and try to ensure you won't be distracted / interrupted.

Feel free to ask for any advice you feel you might need - there's no such thing as a silly question!

Just remember, as long as you keep your electrodes below the waist, there's very little harm you can do to yourself with E-Stim. (Make sure you don't inadvertently make a current run across your chest by holding electrodes - you can always wear latex gloves at first, until you know what you're doing.)

The other thing to remember is there's no such thing as pain - just too much intensity!
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Re: Newbie says HELLO!

Post by Healer »

Hi Newbie,

I enjoyed reading the responses to you thus far. All of it is good advice.

What's fun, as a new user, is the anticipation, much like the anxiety one experiences while waiting for that Christmas morning to open the present you knew you'd be getting.

But, there is always the chance of being disappointed. The point being this, stimming for success like any other endeavor relies on a positive attitude because you will be disappointed from time to me, I know as I have been stimming this 79 year old cock for years.

So your new 2B is top of the line and will not disappoint. I use mine daily for edging along with my 312B, the latter of which I want to sell off and get another 2B.

The 2B is very rewarding. I've learned, 9 times out of 10, that the culprits of disappointments are: (1) Poorly wired electrode leads. They are poorly soldered, or have not been mechanically connected properly with the terminal screws (such as on banana plugs and the like), (2) Penis Shaft and Corona/Frenulum electrodes are poorly fitted, along with poor wiring connections, and can give you sharp bites no matter the program (3) You are much better off if you use your AC adapter. Also, while using your adapter do two things (a) plug into a safe terminal outlet that is used to protect from lightning strikes or sudden voltage surges, (b)When you use your AC adapter, REMOVE THE 9 VOLT BATTERY. If you forget the battery you will end up with battery corrosion, so just remove it right away. Otherwise, make it a point to check it two to three times per month, or alternately, if you are not using the 2B at all, take the battery out right away.

I enjoy making my own custom electrodes. I'm sure you will also. Just keep it simple, but again, ensure a firm fit, and Oh Yes, electrode gel is important also. I make my own with baking soda, a drop of mineral oil (a very small drop mind you and water) all in a small spray bottle.

I would not try audio just yet. I will say though that it works better than the 312B in case you hear other comments. Just concentrate on getting used to the programs and the use of the power and feeling from each program. Then press on into the audio.

Last, get yourself a simple volt/ohmmeter and learn how to use it. You will be glad you did especially when diagnosing open wires for continuity checks.

So, Happy New Year my fellow stimmer. Let us know how it goes when you get some time.
Healer :D
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