I want your knowledge

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I want your knowledge


Hi you beatiful people. Im from germany 33 years old and me and my wife are going to experience the world of estim. The HELIX is on its way to us. Here my questions which are your favourite insertebels vaginal and anal ? Im ogling with the large flo and the eggs. I read somewhere that the "pain" is much bigger at the outside of pussy or anus them inside is that true? So then for inside you might want more power bitte the part outside is already enough die you experienced that? So could an egg be better?
And now the cocks here, do you like the loops 2mm or 4mm? Or prefering the straps? Can i put one strap around my wRist or Finger and a Pad in her body too give her and probably my Hand a shocking clap? Is that nice :P ? Any better idea for electro claps? Do you like the electro whisker is it nice? Soo many questions i want to test so much hope you share your wisdom with me :idea:
Love to all of you

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Re: I want your knowledge

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:!: Firstly: do NOT put one connector on you and another on your partner, as this could send current through the heart area. Be sure that no current flows across the heart, as this can be dangerous. Keep all contact *below* the waist, unless you know what you are doing. :!:

Perhaps ask Jo about female connectors and sensitivity. She is knowledgeable:


Is it the size of the insertable that makes you ogle? - If so, do not assume that bigger is necessarily better in eStim. Sometimes a smaller 'trode (without burning) can provide the most satisfying stimulation - for example with prostate stimulators such as an adapted 'Aneros' or similar.

By 'pain' I assume you mean 'sensitivity'. You can test 'trode positions and levels on low setting, to see how you like that, then gradually turn up, or let the machine turn itself up v e r y slowly. ;)

You are right about anal sensitivity, but remember that we can also vary sensitivity very much with our minds. If you do not feel anything at low level, pause and sense more closely. You may find that something is actually happening, when at first you did not at first feel this.

2mm loops can be a bit thin, unless you like a very localized effect. Perhaps begin with 4mm which is likely to feel more comfortable.

A 'clap' is unlikely to provide satisfying eStim. You can use the routines on your eStim box to deliver the 'clap', by selecting short-burst rhythmical wave patterns, or use similar audio (e.g. mp3) routines that do this, through your eStim box. Short-burst patterns can be satisfying if you concentrate, and allow them to become enjoyable for you.

One fun technique is to find 'trode positions you like, and then change very slowly from separate pulses to faster pulses to a continuous buzz. Play by varying this frequency from pulse to buzz and back.

Experiment slowly and safely. Listen to your body/bodies. Take your time. Play safely.
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Re: I want your knowledge

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Welcome to the site. You will find so much information and helpful advice here. The Helix is an excellent choice, I have 2 and also a 2-B. I cannot speak from the female point as I am an old boy who has used E-Stim for about 3 years. Oh to be 33 years old again. Then I could get a good hard anytime of the day, now very seldom! Using the Helix I prefer using sticky pads. Normally a small round on underside of my cock & a larger square one under balls on the Perineum. I use two modes. Flow & Tease, changing Level, Feel & Speed.
As to anal play I have many silicone plugs from Topped Toys for a good stretch. For E-Stim I use a WMCBP in Large. Of course to get the full effect with this I use Tri-Phase, so 3 connections using the 2-B & mode A-Split. Fantastic device. Tell me how you are getting on.
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