Ghost Play

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Ghost Play

Post by Frenchyknigggggggit »

So I had asked in another forum about this thing I call the pucker that the sphincter does when connecting or disconnecting the stim unit. Picked up the two sided anal stim toy. It’s a lot like that.

So I’ve not enjoyed the penis play as much as I do the prostate.

Love watching videos of people restrained and HFO. I want to be that person. Toed up and licked for hours when I can escape. If anyone is interested or know of a group or individual. Please post or PM me.

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Re: Ghost Play

Post by Riddle »

Have you seen the website and the attached forum? Self-Bondage would allow you to be tied for hours with the e-stim going. Be sure to always have an immediately-accessible emergency release during self-bondage.

As for having the e-stim going for hours, internet control would be better than computer control at this time.

Hope you find the experience you want.
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