Have the moaner - what next

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Have the moaner - what next

Post by Ronfire7 »

What would you recommend instead of the Moaner?
With the sale on I was thinking of the Bobble if it feel better or different.
Right now I use the Bobble head on the Flange base to make it shorter.

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Re: Have the moaner - what next

Post by Aygoaygo »

I have had the Moaner for about 1y, and I seriously love this very versatile trode. I struggled to insert it for some time, but with some good advice from fellow stimmers I cracked the code.

I sometimes miss a deeper stimulation towards the prostate area, and I recently went for the MJ which is about 20mm longer but with same 38mm diameter. I like it too, but the Moaner feels just better
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Re: Have the moaner - what next

Post by Barcoded »

I’ve not been able to get the moaner to move. I’ve read some tips on the forum, so have some variables to try.

Due to the e-stim sale, currently on, I’m thinking of the large e-bead 2, alternatively it might be the large egg. I’ve the small and medium eggs and that works well, but not every time!

I sometimes get leaked current, I think I use too much Estim gel. I’m not sure how much gel should be on the base of the moaner
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