Rechargeable Battery?

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Re: Rechargeable Battery?

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I got some EBL rechargeable lithium ion 9V 600 mAh batteries, charged them fully, and tested one in my E-Stim remote box. The battery output voltage was 8.38V right out of the charger and 8.33V after resting overnight in their plastic battery case from the manufacturer.

Fresh off the charger, the battery level was 2 LEDs unlit from full power and the power box output was not good enough to power my stuffer electrode. Swapping to a pair of small conductive rubber electrodes on the penis had much better intensity than the stuffer, but still not as good as fresh alkaline batteries. Have not tested how long they will last yet.

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Re: Rechargeable Battery?

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I own 2x2bs and an estim remote.

Although not mentioned yet, having owned an estim remote for about 2 years, I've yet to change the battery in the remote fob! So that's good!

I run my remote box on ebay rechargeable 9v batteries and I'm happy with the output.

Can also concur that immediately off the charger, the remote box shows 4 out of 6 lights for battery level.

I also use those same rechargeable batteries on my 2b and for 95% of the time (even with the OMG) I am happy with the power output. I just change the battery after an hour of use.
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