reducing wires and non Estim electrodes

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reducing wires and non Estim electrodes

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So I have the E-Stim Remote and I would like to use the mystim lust egg or the rimba egg but I am baffled by wiring. I cannot work out if there are appropriate adaptors available that will not be adding cable. I really do not want to join cables from the control box and the insertable. Is there an adaptor for the control box/insertable cable you can suggest?

Oh and E-stim I was momentarily excited by the 'short cable' being sold until I realised it is the standard cable provided. 1.5 m? That is not short! I really do not need 1.5m of cable when I am both 'carrying' the controlbox and electrodes. A proper 'short' cable would be appreciated. :)


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Re: reducing wires and non Estim electrodes

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The problem with a short cable, is what is 'short' for you, is just not long enough for someone else, and visa versa.

We produce two cables, the 1.5M and the 4M, hence the short and long designations.

Because of the various cables and connectors needed for non-e-stim systems electrodes, you need to be more specific. The Lust egg does come with an option for 4mm sockets, so I would go for those, and then use our normal 4mm cables to connect, but you will end up with quite a long cable. (1.5M + how ever long the cable is in the egg). Our premium electrodes don't have cables attached as this is the first item to break, so be wary of any electrode that had a cable embedded - it will break eventually.

You could seek out someone who know what they are doing and it prepared to take the risk of damaging the Egg to cut the cable and make something up for you, as the Remote uses a 3.5mm jack, with two contacts and the egg appears to have two contacts, but unfortunately it is not something we can offer, and it does depend on the type of cable used - some foil based cables are very difficult to solder.

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