Understanding your MALE SEXUAL NERVES

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Re: Understanding your MALE SEXUAL NERVES

Post by Stimaddict »

Bearstim> No problemo. It's what this forum is here for.

Just take your time and learn how to use your 2B properly. When you've discovered how to get the best out of this little marvel you will love the thing as much as I do 8-)

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Re: Understanding your MALE SEXUAL NERVES

Post by MetaverseSimp »

Excellent post very useful i am enjoying the journey of learning all this :)
I just wanna relax, put on my estim & ride the waves baby!
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Re: Understanding your MALE SEXUAL NERVES

Post by hardcore18 »

Great post!!! I will try now a few new things :D
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Re: Understanding your MALE SEXUAL NERVES

Post by jjaerob100771 »

joannesReviews wrote: Fri Feb 07, 2020 3:03 pm A great post with lots of very good information. On the subject of insulating the top part of cock rings, as Stimaddict has stated you can use insulating tape. A more permanent option is to get some heat shrink tubing and measure it to size before shrinking it on the conductive rubber. This negates glue failing and tape unravelling over time. You can, of course, use anything that is an insulator to achieve this job but tape or heat shrink tubing are two very good choices.

Understanding your anatomy is crucial if you are to understand where you place your electrodes and where the current flows. You want to stimulate nerves and so understanding their location is important if you are to do this effectively.
Do you sell insulated trodes??
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Re: Understanding your MALE SEXUAL NERVES

Post by joannesReviews »

I do, but I don't place links here to my shop out of respect for E-Stim Systems, as I am not here to hawk my wares.

There are lots of simple options for insulating a cock loop such as heat shrink tubing, insulating tape or basically anything non conductive.
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Re: Understanding your MALE SEXUAL NERVES

Post by SnosRapNamela »

Thank you for this thread which I have read carefully and with great interest.
I didn't know either that it was better to insulate some parts of the rings.
Now I have some questions:
Guess die pic you uploaded have many different options (apart of using three phase or add another electrode, for instance anal)
After reading your comment,
Stimaddict wrote: Thu Jul 09, 2020 10:59 am
As for insulating the top half, you only need to bother if you have 2 trodes on the cock - or a CR ball loop that comes up to the pubic mound (at the upper cock base).
...what options would need insulation? (I add numbers to the pic)
Regarding the comment I guess 1-3 wouldn't need it, 1-2-3 would do
Is this right?
Another combinations? (1-2, 2-3)
And would it depend on three phase or 2 pairs or other combinations?
And what about adding electrical sounding?
Ha ha many questions
Thank you in advance ! :¬)
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Re: Understanding your MALE SEXUAL NERVES

Post by idolis3R »

Very useful information ... thanks heaps!
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Re: Understanding your MALE SEXUAL NERVES

Post by dredwak »

StereoStim wrote: Wed Jun 02, 2021 2:24 pm
Ronfire7 wrote: Tue Feb 02, 2021 12:10 am I use some soft clear hose to insulate the CR loop ...
oldnik wrote: Sat Feb 13, 2021 5:33 pm I use red heat shrink to insulate Cr loops.
and I use a 6mm bipolar loop by connecting to one half
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Re: Understanding your MALE SEXUAL NERVES

Post by Frenchyknigggggggit »

Would the ghost fucking feeling be the same as what I’ve experienced before that I refer to it as an anal sphincter pucker. It feels like the muscle is tightened and loosened or vice versa and it’s usually when adjusting or turning off a current and turning it back on. It’s such a cool feeling I don’t want it to stop and to continue over and over.
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Re: Understanding your MALE SEXUAL NERVES

Post by Barcoded »

I don’t know for sure, but is is sounding like you need to drop the rate to give you the intervals you desire automatically rather than the power output
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