What is your favorite setting?

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What is your favorite setting?

Post by Ronfire7 »

I was just wondering what other like as there favourite setting.
I like the pulse and split but my favourite is tease, makes it feel like someone has a hold on my cock and playing with it.

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Re: What is your favorite setting?

Post by unacorner »


... not just for the name (nameless one) but also a constant wave feels a lot better than something that 'takes breaks.

Squeeze is the worst.
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Re: What is your favorite setting?

Post by mrbutt89 »

My favourite is Stereo, just for the incredible variety of what can be felt. I like some of the other built-in routines such as Thrust and Flo (from the beta), but I get a little bored with them after a while.
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Re: What is your favorite setting?

Post by Firefly »

Thrust is great for getting off!
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Re: What is your favorite setting?

Post by Imogen »

Torment & Tease work for me.
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Re: What is your favorite setting?

Post by PurpleAmethyst »

I use the Flange & sometimes Moaner. I recently received the small Torpedo & used that today. I start off with Pulse setting at a low level for a warm up. And relax & enjoy the moment. I slowly increase intensity then switch to Tease then alternate to Torment. At this point, I turn the middle knob to the 3:00 position and am in total bliss. It feels like the electrode is growing and expanding and tingling my vaginal lips. Torment is my favorite setting, it just takes some time to get there. And, afterwards, I feel so calm, cool,& collected. A feeling of “all is right with the world”. A toe curling orgasm will wash the worries away. I just love the calm feeling & lady bits tingling after a session.

I haven’t played with the audio microphone yet and am curious as hell about audio files. Anyone have advice for a female using a Pebble with a Flange or medium egg?
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Re: What is your favorite setting?

Post by Fullrubbergimp »

Most definitely ‘torment’. I use two outputs. One is to a moaner plug. The other is to two sticky pads; one under balls and the other on lower belly just above penis shaft. Amazing ;)
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