First time stim experience, how it went for me

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First time stim experience, how it went for me

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I finally got to have my first time to try stimming. I had prepared earlier by taking my favorite supplements beforehand and making sure I was hydrated. I have the Electro Pebble which I just got recently along with 4 electrodes from Joanne's. For my first setup I tried 2 monopole electrodes - Joanne's coil loop and insulated ball loop. I applied gel under the balls and glans, then tried to put on the ball loop, which is sort of tricky. You have to coax the boys up into the loop while cinching it snug about them. The gel on your fingers makes it difficult to grab the ends of the loop to pull them tight. Then I forgot to plug in the lead first, this then tries to push the loop back in! The gel has a tendency to spread around where you don't want it and makes it hard to grab the loop ends to secure them. Finally got it snugged up. I enjoy how it feels around my balls. Next I snugged the coil loop behind the glans. The provided spacer clips wouldn't stay on as the gel made them slippery, so I couldn't use them. The coil forms nicely around you and holds on well, expanding as you get hard.

Time for the big moment. I powered the Pebble on, and after the self test Flo mode engages. Very slowly I advanced the power level. feeling the steady increasing tingling sensation. Anything above 30% or so quickly became uncomfortable. I played with each of the different modes; Milk, Tease and Torment seemed to be the ones I enjoyed the most, along with Flo. However, I found it hard to adjust the center knob of the Pebble because they are close together and with slippery fingers, well, you know. It should be slightly taller than the other two.

There was no sensation felt around the balls or lower shaft. That's where I always like it most along with direct glans stimulation when using a vibrator. I did not stay or become hard from any of the sensations. As I went soft this caused a problem having the loops touching each other, so I had to improvise by covering one with plastic, not the greatest idea. I used a vibrator on the glans and coil loop to help stimulate me. I could get half-hard this way. The supplements I had taken earlier were very helpful, but even so the stimming still knocks you down. I tried moving the coil about 1” below the glans but the sensation there was still far too much. All the stimulation was being felt in the penis head. I need to feel a lot more of it down through the whole shaft, balls and perineum especially. Not quite sure yet how to set that up, but it would have made it much more enjoyable.

I relaxed into the moment by getting immersed into a couple of hot favorite videos that normally drive me nuts, but it just wasn't enough to get me there this time.
After about ½ hr. I decided that's enough for now. The glans area felt somewhat numb for a bit. I spent a few minutes playing with a penis pump, and easily got hard again, putting on a cock ring which kept me very hard. To finish the session I set up my Venus for Men pump. This is simply an incredible machine. It has been one of my favorite go-to masturbation methods for a long time. It's pretty difficult not to finish with it. Continuously variable stroke length, depth and speed using a gearmotor diaphragm air pump and custom-fitted stroke cylinder sleeve. Needless to say I exploded after about 10 min of intense action. I take a daily 10 mg Cialis dissolvable sublingual at bedtime with predictable results :]!

I have experimented with a variety of prostate stimulators and assorted toys, but discovered that isn't my favorite area and my prostate doesn't get stimulated well this way. I'm able to get a lot more out of it by using a vibrator externally on the perineum, balls and glans. I use a number of quality herbal tinctures and extracts which does wonders for erections and enhancing the overall performance.

I've read through Joanne's guides and demos, and am quite interested in finding that elusive HFO. For that to happen, I need to figure out how to redirect the stim signal to the right places and minimize discomfort. The cock head is getting overloaded which isn't fun, when you know your other methods are hitting the right target and getting the right results.

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Re: First time stim experience, how it went for me

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The focus of the stimulation is highly dependent on electrode contact areas. On any one channel, whichever electrode has the smallest contact area will be felt most intensely. If you can enlarge the stimulation area on the cock head, you'll force the sensation more to the other electrode. (Perhaps try a different cock head electrode that makes more contact, or simply try smearing the electrode gel more liberally over your cock head?) At the same time, try to minimise the spread of the gel on your balls - easier said than done - or find a smaller electrode to focus the sensations there. An alternative approach would be to use separate channels to stimulate the cock head and balls. If your ball electrod will take two plugs, have channel A on cock head and balls, and channel B on balls and something else, e.g. a sticky pad on your perineum. There are lots of ways to shift the focus to where you want it.
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Re: First time stim experience, how it went for me

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Paper towels are you friend. Use them to grip slippery things, wipe lube off your hands, and I even put them between my different bits that have CR around them if there is a chance they could touch, the last thing I need mid session is one electrode shorting out another and losing that sensation.
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